Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Lockdown Day 37 - No motivation!

I can honestly say today that I have had absolutely zero motivation, I've had stomach cramps and felt tired which probably didn't help. Sometimes you just need to read and book and curl up with a sheltie! So although it hasn't been a productive day and I've done nothing useful (which would be fine if Matt wasn't working away upstairs!) I do feel better for taking it easy.

I did a teeny bit of jump work with Spark in the garden this morning, just some easy send ons at full height. I probably do a short bit of jump work with them twice a week but mostly on lower height but occasionally its good for them to jump their competition height. I got these stills from a video

I had a walk this afternoon and managed to miss the rain! Brooke and Toad had a great time on the fields and Brooke was hilarious, she found a 'treasure' and had so much fun playing!

Crazy Bean!!

Here is quite a long video but it made me laugh! She used to pick up all sorted of things as a puppy and carry them around

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