Monday, 26 November 2012

Girls training videos

Yesterday we went to the field to do some training with the sheltie girls and Dolly. Jenni's sheltie Rommy is taking it easy as he has been having physio for a sore back so she ran little Brax for the first time. Since Bracken has been on tablets for her thyroid problem the difference has been amazing! I have been getting her agility fit by gradually increasing the jump heights. This video is her first proper run at 300mm (UKA toy height) for a long time. No measuring, stuttering or lack of confidence - our Brax is back!! Still love her seesaw :)  Please excuse the shaky video!

Matthew ran Princess Brooke and thought he'd try some harder stuff with her - I was particularly impressed with this run. You may want to turn the volume down though!

And this is one of her getting with weaves and A frame. She was a bit unsure of her weaves yesterday and kept coming out at the 10th pole but we realised once we'd got home that she has never done weaves with her carpal wraps on so her legs probably feel a bit weird! There were three things in particular that I loved about this run - Matthew was fab at cueing her early with his feet which gets her soooo much tighter, she 'hugged' the apex of the A frame instead of launching herself into space and she is starting to tighten on her rear crosses as you can see her turning in the air over the jump before the weaves. In four training sessions she has only had one pole down and her jumping style is so much better since her back was sorted.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Holiday pics at last!

This was us trying to pack for our week in the Cotswolds! Brax got in the suitcase first and Brooke followed thinking there may be food. We asked Brodie to get in too so he wasn't left out-his bum looks huge in this photo but its all fluff (honest!)

We stayed in a dog friendly self catering cottage. Brax approved of the big sofa! I love this photo as Brooke is in the background showing how lovely her tail looks when its just been brushed out :)

Doglets waiting for dinner. We lovely the dog friendly tiled floor and the fact we were staying on a network of lovely bridleways and footpaths - perfect walking!

Matthew walking the girls down the hill into Upper Slaughter. How such a lovely place can have such a horrible name I don't know!

The very pretty village of Lower Slaughter - don't quite know what Brax is up to in this picture?!

We did about 14 miles per day so we had very tired shelties :) The girls both snuggled up on Matthew!

Brooke became a proper pub dog on holiday and learnt to sleep under the table!

Brodie has always been a pro at falling asleep anywhere!! Brax is fighting sleep in this picture as we are eating the most amazing luch!

Brodie on guard dog duty at the cottage - he takes his job very seriously even if he does look like a girl!!

Brooke posing in front of Barton Abbey. It was totally stunning and the weather was very kind to us except on the first day when it rained.

Now onto the new arrival! Introducing Aztec Dakota who is a Azteca filly (Spanish x Quarter Horse) born in June. She is just beautiful and will be coming to me when she is weaned in December. She is a lovely, bold curious little girly and I'm looking forward to having fun with her. Max isn't going anywhere, he will be 16 next year so by the time she is ready to ride he'll be ready to do a bit less. This is a photo of when I first met Dakota at 2 months old :)

We went back to visit when she was 3.5 months old - she LOVES a good wither scratch :) I think she could wrap Matthew round her little hoof!

I can't take the credit for this awesome picture - Dakota's breeder Karen took it. This is Spirit (Dad - Spanish) on the left and Belle (Mum-Quarter Horse) on the right with Dakota in the middle. I love Belle's expression! Karen is an amazing breeder - all her horses are so well looked after and chilled and the stallions are out in the fields with the mares and babies. I just love their temperaments :) I must thank my good friend Kate (Dolly's owner) for finding Dakota for me. Another good friend Cathy is having Dakota's brother Silverio which is great!

This was Dakota (aka Diva!) on friday when I went to see her. She looks like a woolly bear in these photos! I know this is a doggy blog really but its a diary for my Mum as well as she lives so far away and I know she'd appreciate pics of her newest furry grandkid!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Post holiday catch up

I have been meaning to write a catch up since returning from hols at the weekend but never seem to find enough time to sit down and do it!

My phone will not connect to my laptop at the moment so no pictures this time - will do a proper holiday/agility workshop catch up when technology working again! We had a fantastic time in the Cotswolds (not very far away I know!) just Matthew, me and the dogs. Lots of beautiful places to visit but best bit was the amazing walks from the door. Three days we did 12-14 miles from the door and the bonus was we found some lovely dog friendly pubs :) It was my idea of heaven being able to walk miles just chatting and laughing at the dogs antics. Brax particularly made me chuckle as gone is the little shivering diva and back is a proper madam with serious attitude!!

New hairy addition to the Burdett family coming soon - watch this space as photos are on phone. I forgot that I had not introduced her on my blog - oops!