Monday, 20 March 2017

Brooke Bean is 6!

Goodness how time flies! I can't believe Brooke and her brother Sonic are six years old and their Daddy Sing has reached the grand age of 15! We had a lovely get together at Lians farm and the shelties enjoyed a meet up. Brooke was in her element as there were puppies to look after :-D 

Sings lovely birthday cake, it tasted as good as it looks!

Brooke enjoyed a contact training session last week, she did her first A frame in two years and was fine despite my heart being in my mouth! 

We had Braxway boy Maverick staying last weekend while his Mum was at Crufts, he fits in so well and makes himself at home straight away!

This pic of Brax makes me smile! She is doing ok despite her kidney and thyroid issues and seems happy :-)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Dog Vegas show and snuffling

Super stars at Dog Vegas! It was Dolly's first show at Grade 5 and she did well considering that running indoors is not really her thing! She came 2nd in the C4-5 jumping despite a couple of nose down spaniel moments. Her other jumping was good until the penultimate jump where I failed to connect with her and got her E'd, oops! Her agility run was soooo cheeky, she flew off every contact without a release so was promptly put back on all three contacts with the judges permission (I think she was laughing at Dollys enthusiasm!!) Back to contact school for Miss Dolly!

Mr Toad was such a dude, we both loved the Graded 5-7 agility and he ended up coming 2nd! I was pleased with how he coped with the medium jumps although given his age I will be looking for lower height shows where possible (and for Brooke) He also did a nice clear in the jumping, he really is my comfy slippers! Here is his agility run (I don't have many videos but nice to have this one!)

Brooke bean did her first run in the ring for Matt on a lovely allsorts jumping course. As they came out of the ring there were a fair few tears! It was a lovely run and we thought they were just giving out clear round rosettes so it was a real surprise when they presented Matt with a first place...clever little Bean! Here is her video, she barks with excitement most of the way round and we can forgive her naughty wait :-) Lovely to see Beans ginger boy Squidge win his jumping classes and go Grade 4 as well! 

It is unlikely that little Brax will be playing at any agility shows again so we have been entertaining her in other ways. This is her new snuffle mat! We hide pieces of her food in it and she has to snuffle around to find them.

Sparkle has been relegated to joining Brax on her geriatric on lead potters! Poor girly saw the physio last week and had a puffy knee. Brooke on the other hand got the all clear! So two weeks more lead walking (after three weeks of it due to her being in season) and lots of biomag and icing it. I'm going to take her to Rally tonight so she can have a bit of gentle fun! No agility for a little while tho, I miss working my girly :-(