Friday, 28 August 2015

Where did summer go?!

It has been such a wet week-having to dash out for walks between showers and sometimes failing! I managed a dry walk with my two where I could actually take some pictures and the bonus was that we had all the fields to ourselves!

I love this picture of Toad and Sparkle-she looks so goofy and he is so cute :-)

One of the few pictures of Sparkle that show the white patch on her bum that has faded so much

Toad was getting bored of having his photo taken!

Brodie and Bracken waiting for dinner

Brooke is doing well, the physio is happy with her progress so she has to go back to the vets in the next couple of weeks as her three months rest is up. She has been doing her wobble cushion work very well and it is the highlight of her day!

I am still taking her out and about to watch the world go by, this time Bracken joined us for coffee on the common! 

And Brooke just LOVES being a pub dog!!

I have Dolly staying on a sleepover tonight as we are off to a party tomorrow-she does make herself at home! It is her first show as a proper Grade 3 dog-can't wait! 

I took these at lunchtime today-so funny :-D

I went to Adams show last weekend and Sparkle was very clever winning a C4-7 jumping!! She had a fun day out popping up to the Flyball Champs up the road and meeting her breeder, Grandpa Viggo, and brother Bertie. Brodie was hilarious and was shouting his head off at the dogs running. I also now have a few people wanting Sparkle babies if we were ever to breed from her! I tried the Beginners Steeplechase qualifier with her at HADS and she had two poles but the fastest time. She went so fast that she broke the new e-gility system as the guy who invented it came over to tell me she had logged an 'impossible' time! She is finally getting to training speed in the ring which is making my timing easier. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Some broken doglets :-(

Last week the dogs all had a check up with their lovely physio and to be honest I thought Brodie might have a niggle or two but Spark was the most broken poor girly. Her pelvis was out, her back was sore as a result and her shoulders were really crunchy and tight. She had some laser treatment and manipulation and was to have strict lead walking for the rest of the week. Brodie was a bit tight over his lower back and Brax had a sore spot on her back. Ironically Brooke bean was the best out of all of them and was just there for her weekly laser! 

During the week we put Brodie in with his wife to cheer her up...he is such a gentleman! What a sweet couple :-D 

The dogs had had the all clear to compete at FAB on Saturday...less said about that the better! Spark did manage to keep poles up and win a steeplechase but couldn't weave so she went back to physio on Monday and had a sore rib. Poor girly! So its the night before KCI and I haven't done ANY training for over two weeks...doesn't bode well!! At least I should have a fit dog, fingers crossed :-)

Brodie, Sparkle and I went to Rally on Sunday. It was Brodies last Level 2 and Sparkles first L2. The competition was fierce as it was open to L2's only (no Level 1's) so the standard was higher than I have been used to. Brodie was awesome and got 207 out of 210 and came 5th!! He is now Chandling Ebony Charge AW(G) RL2.Ex

Sorry for the lack of pics, my phone has died so I have an old brick and it doesn't take pics!!