Friday, 30 July 2021

Heat wave, hoopers and Novice Qualifier!

Last week was a heat wave and it hit 30 degrees on a couple of days! I was trying to start work by 7.30am and finish by 11 before the dogs got too hot. It was perfect weather to have a BBQ and take some garden pics though! 

I love the water droplets on this flower! 

Our runner beans are slow this year!

Carrot and courgette cake 😋

 The sable shelties had a day out at a Hoopers show a couple of weekends ago! They were awesome, Bru won a class with a brilliant run and Brooke came 2nd with me and won with Matt. Although she needs us to run more she really enjoyed racing round now that she is doing less agility. Matt was brave with Bru and did the 3s challenge line in the class that he won and the 5s won in his other run, Bru was excellent but missed a hoop!

Brookes 2nd placed run in assorted

Bru winning assorted hoopers

Spark and I recently did our first champ of the year at RVA this month, she was brilliant and only had a little blip in each run, this was her champ agility...I'm so pleased with her dog walk exit!! 

And this weekend we went to Empingham and Agility Club to give Bru a chance at the Novice Crufts Qualifier. Unfortunately they have changed the format so its done as heats at various shows rather than at KCI. Bru managed to win a G5 jumping at Empingham and the Novice Q agility at Agility Club so he has qualified for the semis at KCI next August (which is bonkers as its for Crufts 2023!!)

Brooke did one run at Empingham and really enjoyed herself...possibly too much as she ran off the end of the dog walk and got put back on! 

Spark just had a weave blip at Empingham but otherwise did a stunning run. She did champ at Agility club and had an unlucky pole in agility but I was thrilled with her time as she turned the wrong way on a jump and was only 2.3 seconds off the winner! Her jumping was an E but very pleased with the rest of it, some distance skills were needed! 

Monday, 12 July 2021

So much news and Bru goes G5!

 Bru managed to get his last win to go Grade 5 at Pure, it was a lovely run on a massive spread out course that really pushed Matt to get places with a slightly sore back! 

Spark also won a jumping class at Pure, clever girly! You can tell how cold it was as I had three layers on while I was running! 

Posers with their trophies!

A couple of stills from video of Spark

Bru and Brooke got their Hooperstars Level 2 awards through the post, the rosettes are stunning!

The weekend after we went to JDA and the shelties were running while Spark had a weekend off. Bru was in his 25 days limbo so Matt held some seesaws and I managed to win the C6-7 agility with Brooke bean! Here is our run

And the most appropriate t-shirt for the day 😂

Toad still enjoys watching the action and barking at the ring side!

Spark enjoyed cuddles on her day off!

We finally made it 'out out' into London to watch Andrew Lloyd Webbers new musical Cinderella which was awesome! It was my friend Nicolas Birthday outing that had been postponed a few times due to covid so it was brilliant to finally make it out and the production was amazing! Carrie Hope Fletcher as Cinderella was perfectly cast and the songs were so catchy! 

A very rare photo of me in a dress!!

Here goes with some random photos as the last couple of weekends we have been at home. Spark plotting some mischief!!

Bru with his tongue out 😂

We had a lovely take away in the garden with Matts folks, it was very tiring scrounging for fish according to the shelties!

Looks like a three headed sheltie...!

And a very tired little collie!

The grass has grown like mad recently so we bit the bullet and got a petrol mower so we can keep on top of it office looks so smart!

Toad had a bit of a flare up over the last weekend so we used the 'sheltie wagon' that my lovely physio gave us when she upgraded hers! Toad quite enjoyed being in there and at least he could walk for a bit and then have a rest

The longest tomato vine that I have ever seen!

Nice sunny Sunday morning walkies

Update on the peppers...still growing well!

And with the stress of the Euros 2020 (year late) final England v Italy we had a Pimms with our mint in it, very tasty! Unfortunately the football was not as successful as the Pimms 😖

These are our garden tomatoes, a whole load but none ripe yet!