Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Adams and my Birthday Bonsai!

It was my birthday last week and I got well and truly spoilt! One of my pressi's was Bertie the bonsai from one of my friends. I am going to attempt to keep him alive for as long as possible as my track record with plants is not good! He is a Buddhist pine which is a type of Yew.

I took the medium crew to Adams agility for a day out and they did so well! Dolly was a little star winning her jumping class and her agility (with faults) so she is Grade 4 with two jumping wins! Brodie did a stonking couple of clears but was one out of the placings in each. Love my boy! Spark had an amazing run in the agility but got E'd on a jumping bit. Her contacts were great! She won a jumping class too and would have won the other jumping except for a pole. I think she is still building strength after time off with her hamstring injury.

 Brooke bean has been looking better this week and has had a couple of straight line runs off lead. She loves putting her feet up after a busy day!

As I had no lesson this week I took my lot to the field to do a bit with them (not Brax as she is still getting over being poorly)

Sparkly did some nice work, I have been running her in leg wraps to help her be more aware of her feet when jumping but they also make contacts easier to see!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Bluebells and Cheese!

 Matt has been practising with his camera, we had some beautiful bluebells in the garden and he got these shots of the doglets

I know there are two of Toad but he is so handsome and I couldn't decide! :-D Sadly little Brax hasn't been very well again. The antibiotics don't seem to be helping so need to go back to the vets :-(

Bailey collie came to stay over the past week and he is such a lovely house guest. My dogs all love him and he is so sweet. This pic cracks me up! He wouldn't drop his ball and my shelties were very uncooperative!

On Saturday we went to Hatton Agility Festival. Toad did Rally (his second Level 3) and was amazing...I however was not...I walked straight past a sign so got NQ'd! Brodie was non the wiser and thought it was great fun but was confused about where the jumps were! He did get to do agility later and was very very excited, one messy clear and a wild E in the agility!

Spark worked really nicely and won the C4-7 helter skelter :-) She won CHEESE! I am a huge cheese fan and her prize had a slate cheese board and crackers too. Unfortunately it was very hot and my car battery was flat so it took a while to come home so not sure what state my cheese will be in! 

Spark did her first competitive agilities in the ring and her contacts were lovely (particularly considering wooden contacts in one ring and aluminium in the other!) We got E'd in both for failing to go round a jump and both times I cued it badly! She had the fastest time in the 5-7 jumping but just a pole down. Love this pic that one of my Instagram friends took of Spark concentrating on her seesaw!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Birthdays and FAB Kent

As Matt and his Mum share their birthday we have had a nice weekend off having a couple of treats! The first was that Matt had booked to take his Mum to The Grove near Watford for high tea...it was amazing! You can have as many different types of tea as you want and they were served in quirky teapots authentic to the country of origin. Matt and his Mum were more adventurous than me!!

 The sandwiches, cakes and scones were so good and we couldn't eat them all so took some home!

On Saturday we went to FAB show in Kent, Brax did the two IFCS qualifiers (snooker and jumping) and won both! Bless her, she was loving doing some agility again :-) Brodie won his senior steeplechase and Sparkle did some lovely nfc work coming back from her injury. Good day all round :-)

My two were watching a bird! Brax is the best poser :-) She was at the vets yesterday after being a bit off her food and having a gurgly tummy for the past day or two. She is on antibiotics as vet things he thinks she had gastroenteritis a while back and gets secondary pancreatitis that flares up. Hopefully the antibiotics will sort it.