Wednesday, 27 May 2009

We had an amazing weekend at Packington show - the dogs were superstars!!

Brax won a 3-7 agility class, got 3rd in the 3-7 jumping and on the Monday got a 2nd in the 4-7 jumping against some v fast dogs and 3rd in the 4-7 agility. She has never managed 100% clears over a two day show so well done Brax and Matthew!!

Brodie was on rocket fuel in both the jumping classes each day and eliminated himself at high speed but managed to get a 3rd and 4th in the agility classes he did. Most exciting was the Agility club starters challenge qualifier where he came 3rd and QUALIFIED FOR THE FINALS!!! YAY!! (Fortunately the lady that won wasn't a AC member so it meant we qualified.) That means both Brodie and Brax are in the finals this year as well as Helen and Clovis from Letchworth so there will be one of us competing in each height catergory.

Me and the dogs are off to Sheltie camp this weekend. We normally go for both days but Matthew is organising a stag weekend so I'll be taking the two dogs on sunday by myself. I love having a go at all of the activities, especially doing HTM with Brax. I'm sure she could be a dancing diva if she goes off agility...! I can't wait to meet up with all our sheltie friends!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

We went to Letchworth training last night and had a really fun session! One of the exercises was dog walk under the tunnel, which I have seen crop up in a lot of classes recently. Brodie wasn't sure about going over the dog walk as the tunnel put him off but he improved after a couple of goes. He was funny though as I'd practiced weaves at work on my lunch hour (only for 5 mins I hasten to add!) so he was just desperate to weave last night! In fact if my commands were a bit vague, he'd just take himself off to weave!! He was a star at work though, he can now wait while I walk to the other end of the weaves and he'll weave when I call him towards me. I'm so proud of my wee man!

Max is now out naked at night as it has been relatively mild and dry. I have had to cut the end off his tail as it has grown so long over winter! I went for a hack yesterday and did some of the cross country jumps in the woods - he is such a fab pony and he just flies over the jumps.

I thought I'd add some pics from our Scotland holiday, the first is my Mum and sister with a huge pudding that actually three of us ended up sharing! We had a lovely meal out which was much needed after soggy Saturday at Fair City.

On my birthday we stayed at my Dads and had a very relaxing day including a sunny beach walk and another meal out! I was very spoilt!! My Dads house is right next to the beach and the dogs love it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

This is a video that Matt took of Brodie doing his C1-4 jumping at Fair City last Saturday. He got faster and more confident as he went on. The course was a straight up and down which suited some of the faster dogs better. Brodie did better on the Sunday in the jumping as it was a bit more tricky and a lot of the fastest dogs got faults.

This is Brax after a busy day at BATS agility today. Its a hard life for an agility dog! I was really sad that I couldn't be there especially as its literally up the road. Anyway, Brax got a second in her C3-4 jumping but was a little bit naughty on her contacts! Well done to everyone with placings at BATS, especially Jane and Millie with a third in the Starters Challenge :-)

Brodie is having the weekend off as I'm at Royal Windsor Horse show tomorrow grooming for my instructors horse. Unfortunately she is a grey so hopefully it won't be too muddy!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sorry for not updating blog for a wee while, we got back from Scotland very late on Tuesday night thanks to my car overheating and spending 2 hours waiting for the RAC to come from Glasgow! We had a lovely weekend, the weather on the Monday (my birthday!) was so nice and we walked the dogs on the beach next to my Dads house. I got totally spoilt by my family and it was so good to catch up with them all!

The dogs had a fab time too, except for the rain on Saturday!! We went to Fair City 2 day show held in the grounds of Scone Palace in Perth. It was a beautiful venue and the organisers did an amazing job keeping the show going in terrible conditions.

Brax wasn't happy about the rain the first day but still managed a couple of seconds. One class she did she ground to a halt and would NOT weave cos of the mud! Matthew very wisely took her out of the ring as she had her diva head on and wasn't going to do anything! Brodie doesn't mind the rain too much and managed a couple of 6ths in C1-4 agility and jumping.

On the sunday Brax was much happier and won all three of her classes!! It was her first day as a Grade 4 and she won two agility classes so has won into Grade 5. Matthew still looks a bit shocked!!

Brodie was a star and did a tricky 1-7 graded agility on the Sunday and was the only G1 to go clear so he won Grade 1 and also pulled off a 2nd in the C1-4 jumping. The course was more tricky and it suited him better than the up and down jumping on saturday. He was really attentive all weekend which was a step forward. He doesn't usually do two days in a row so I was pleased he didn't get too tired. I'll post some photos and a video or two soon.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

We are off on holiday tomorrow to Scotland for a short break-YAY!!! I can't wait! I'll get to see my Mum and sis and we are staying at my Dads house so it'll be great to see everyone. I can't wait to do two days of agility as well, it can be very depressing working saturdays while everyone else is competing! Good luck to everyone we know who is competing at Godmanchester, I'll miss the weekly chat!

Oh and Matthew let me run Brax at training last night-it was so funny!! She actually did run ok for me as I've always practised with her at work but her and Brodie are chalk and cheese to run. He works far better away from me whereas she likes someone to be there with her. She is just so FAST though!! My brain had to work twice as fast!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The dogs had a really cold day out at Newbury yesterday-we were FREEZING!! Fortunately we had a late start and didn't arrive until 10.30am which meant a much needed lie in - yay!! Brodie was first to run and got a fourth in the G1 jumping although he still thinks pole pickers have no right to sit in the ring! Unf I messed up his agility round by assuming the judge had given us 5 for him parachuting off the seesaw and then giving him the verbal command. Instead of saying 'left out' I just said 'out' so no wonder poor boy was confused-I need a sat nav!!

Brax was fab, she got a second in the C3-5 jumping and won the C3-4 agility over a very tricky course which included the tunnel under the Aframe and some tempting traps. She went like a rocket and got her contacts confidently which was great :-)

Matt and I are going up to Scotland for the weekend for a short break. We'll stay at my Dads just outside Edinburgh which is practically on the beach and the dogs love it. Just by coincidence there happens to be a two day show on in Perth so it'll be interesting seeing what the Scottish agility scene is like. Hopefully there will be loads of Shelties!! Brodie is doing C1-4 classes and an Olympia qualifier that is also run as a graded 1-7 agility class. Should be fun!