Thursday, 12 September 2019

Scotland trip, new bathroom and crazy weather!

We went up to Scotland for a flying visit at the end of August and it was a lovely couple of days but the weather was not on our side for agility! Here are a few pics of our trip

Agility wise we went to Gleniffer champ show and it was the jumping round first, it was windy but not too rainy. Spark was 2nd in champ jumping which was fab considering the a pole had blown off a jump as the dog that won had started so she didn't have to do as many jumps as Spark! Brooke got E'd in champ jumping and although we walked the champ agility they ended up taking out the dog walk and there was no seesaw. When they were about to start the small agility an A frame blew out of the ring next to ours!! At that point they cancelled the show so we decided to head home!

In the week before our Scotland trip we had a show and a lovely bank holiday weekend pottering round the garden. The weather was beautiful! My hydrangea called blue sparkle 💜

Matts Mum and sunflowers!

The doglets did well at Bridge house! 

Queen Diddle!! 

Squidge has been to visit a couple of times recently and he fits into the pack so well! 

 Spark was spayed when we came back from Scotland and is sporting a donut and a surgical suit in the photos! She is most unimpressed about it!

Stitches out day!

The other none dog news is that we have a lovely new bathroom! Ignore the washing up bowl in the bath as we were cleaning but its so smart!