Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We are expecting!!

Brodie and Brooke are pleased to announce that they are expecting puppies in January! We are very excited as this will be a first litter for us all but we have some great mentors on standby and have had lots of good advice. We have lovely homes lined up for them as well, all agility people :-) They only tied once so I was very relieved when we had her scanned and confirmed she was pregnant. She is enjoying the extra food and is even more snuggly than normal at the moment! We are very excited about this litter, they are such lovely dogs and just love their agility - we can't think of any other litters that have had two UK based G7 agility parents?

They look like blobs to me but apparently there are three little babies in total!

Brooke on Day 24

Not a good pic but this is Brooke on Day 42-filling out!

Still loves her Daddy snuggles!

Sparkle is looking after Brooke...

In between helping me wrap presents!!

They are all enjoying their winter walks at the moment but we are sticking to pavements more than normal due to the mud! 

And what does the Daddy think about all the fuss?? Not much!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

UKA Finals and Agility Club AGM

Brodie and I attended the UKA Finals over the weekend. It is the fourth year in the row that my little man has qualified but we have never done the team event before. You run the first round as an individual agility run and the second run is a team relay event. There are three in a team and as all three of ours were midi they run the individual run at midi and the relay at toy height! Brodie and I were running with Jenni and Rommy and Chantal and Savannah. Our team name is the 'Shouty Shelties' and it was very appropriate!!

This is the relay course plan

Brodie demonstrating where the team name came from!

This was Brodie's individual run-wow we had fun! He was a bit cheeky on his seesaw and I got in hos way massively before the dog walk but we managed to pull off a clear!

Our team relay was fast and furious! Brodie and I were the middle dog to run and had the right hand course on the plan. We got eliminated for the wrong end of the tunnel after the a frame-I was so pleased with the previous bit that I forgot to handle him! I thought it would put us out of the placings but we finished 2nd overall!!!

Here is a podium picture :-)

On Sunday we went to Stoneleigh for the Agility Club AGM. We were thrilled that Brooke bean was runner up in the Small Grade 4 catergory and she got a lovely trophy. They look very pleased with themselves!

Sheltie contact practice last week!

Brodie has also been doing really well at his Rally classes. I am going to try a competition next year and see how he does. He likes any sort of work really and I think its something that we could do more of as he gets older.