Friday, 30 September 2016

Lazy blogger!

Goodness me where has the time gone since I last updated the blog?! I can't even remember what we have been up to! Here is a cute picture while I work out what we have been doing!

My Mum has been down to stay, we had a lovely time and lots of nice walks including a visit to Stevington Gardens which was stunning.

Bailey collie has been to stay, he always fits in so well with our little pack :-)

We have been to a couple of shows, Brax and Sparkle have been running so well! (Brodie has had a bit of time off due to a tight hamstring) Spark managed to get her 1st agility win towards G7 at Prestbury Park, woohoo! Little Brax jumping LHO managed a very respectable 2nd in C4-7J and 5th in C4-7 agility! Yes she did contacts!! :-D 

Southam show was good but very cold! Spark won the C5-7 jumping but we messed up the C1-7 jumping which was very British and not our cup of tea. Brax on the other hand won it at Lower height! We also got to cheer on Squidge (Braxway Ready to Rockit) who managed an awesome 2nd in the C1-7! This is just the cutest pictures with the cutest trophies!! 

This is Brax winning the C5-7 jumping :-)

Its feeling much more like Autumn at the moment and the sunrises are beautiful. This was last Monday on our morning walk round the common.

We also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! I was very spoilt and got twenty roses and a gorgeous eternity ring! 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Hawbridge and Letchworth

Doglets were ace a Hawbridge! Brax did a run in champ jumping and won it, was a very long spread out course but she still made Matt race around :-) Sparkly did the Dog Central Beginners qualifier and won the agility run but got 10f for a refusal and pole in the jumping so no qualifying this year but hopefully we can get it together next year!

The older two were in the Masters on Monday. Brax went clear in the jumping but ran into side of the tunnel in the agility as it was an awkward tunnel entrance (she has done that many times in her career!) so Matt ended up taking her out. Brodie had the back pole of the spread in the jumping but was clear in the agility and I think finished 3rd overall but we left before the results came out. Here is Toads jumping run...

He had been at the vets with a anal gland issue during the week and had been sedated and had samples taken as the vet wasn't happy with what she could feel and thought it may be something nasty. Luckily he just had an infection which has cleared up quickly! Really scared us though, so relieved that he is ok. Good reminder to enjoy the time we spend with our doglets, who cares if we get E'd on an agility course if they are healthy and having fun. 

Talking of E's Spark, Toad and I got E'd in all of our runs at Letchworth! They both did some really nice work though and Sparkly did a couple of awesome dog walks and waits in the practice ring. I have been having a problem with her stressing on the start line since a dog kicked off behind her. Being able to go in the practice ring and do some waits was so good :-) Little Brax ran in anysize and flew round...they only gave out clear round rosettes but she would have been 11th out of 124 dogs of all heights!!