Thursday, 19 November 2020

Gridwork and wet walkies

 I have been struggling to fit in work with the winter weather this week, it seems to be a never ending round of doing admin and shuffling people around. I hate having to cancel people! The positives from this are that I can spend more time walking my dogs and hanging out with them which is good for the soul ❤ 

I haven't managed to do much agility recently with our dogs (Bru has been out of action but he did do some hoopers this week) I have done some gridwork with the girls and its given me a kick up the butt to do it more often as it has so many benefits. Here is a little compilation

And some distance work with Spark as the ground has been too soggy for handlers to run around much!

I know I am particularly geeky but I could watch dogs doing grids all day, coming from a horsey background I know how much a rider can influence jump style and take off fir a horse whereas our agility dogs have to work it out for themselves! Well set up grids make such a difference to their confidence and technique

Some random pics from the last couple of weeks!

The first time ever that Bru has actually stayed on his back for tummy tickles! 

It was time to dig out the waterproof onesies! 

Sables and leaves are a tricky photo combination...thank goodness he has white on him!

Apart from making Christmas cake I also baked some ginger cookies today... I seem to have made masses though!

Out on our walk past the village pond today we saw the rock snake that people have been adding to!

The older two managed a clean dry pavement walk today! 

Whereas the younger two had a muddy field walk!

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Where to start?!

As usual I have let my blog lapse and totally forgotten to update it for a while! We are now in Lockdown number 2 for a month (started on bonfire night) and again eating places and non essential shops are shut but the rest of life seems to be carrying on as usual. This lockdown is England only, Wales had a 'firebreak' two week lockdown over the childrens half term holidays which was very sensible as this time the English schools are not off at all which seems crazy. The number of parents hanging out together walking home from school show that they aren't taking social distancing seriously at all! I'm currently working but there are a few people on FB making anyone trying to carry on with lessons feel very guilty despite guidance saying we can. The winter battle with the weather versus my field has started and in general I think it fair to say that Matt and I need a holiday and a change of scene! 

Anyway, on to more exciting news, Matt and Bru competed in the British Agility Novice Stakes which was three runs (agility, jumping and steeplechase) and the three results are combined to find the overall champion. Rupert was AMAZING and came 2nd in the steeplechase, 2nd in the agility (with 5f...coming out of the weaves at the 10th pole!) and 5th in the jumping despite falling over in tunnels! But he WON overall!! 💛🎉🏆 Unfortunately no videos as I couldn't watch!

As you can see in the above pic if you look closely, his dew claw was still wrapped up just in case he caught it! The rosettes and medals arrived in the post and the biggest rosette is bigger than Bru's head! I'm so proud of my boys!! Bru did get checked by our lovely physio after his slip in the tunnels and he had a sore tricep so he has had a week of lead walking and biomag therapy much to his disgust!

Last week I had had enough of fireworks as well, as there were no public displays I think a lot of people were having fireworks in their gardens. So cue a week of very upset Spark shaking and crying every evening 😢 She even went off her food this time.

Her thundershirt helps a bit...she gets a bit anxious on walks around bonfire night too. If only people could see how it affects our pets!

Here are some random pics from the past couple of weeks...first some sheltie grooming! You can see how much hair they all shed! 

We got some new waterproof fleece jumpers too for our holiday that hasn't happened yet! All in their colours except for Toad (as they didn't do royal blue) Matt said he looked like he was wearing curtains!!! 

Some posing photos from walks!

And some cute sleepy pics! 

Last weekend Matt ran the girls round, it was the first time that he had run Spark fro ages and she was really good, here are a couple of pics

In other news I have started soaking the fruit for my Christmas cake! I used Rum last year so thought I'd use Brandy this year

My plants that my Mum gave me are settling into life as soft Southerners!!

And lastly the newest member of J9 agility...Monty! He is an adorable border collie puppy 😍