Thursday, 26 March 2015

Birthday Girls!

Two very special birthdays have been celebrated over the last week! Brooke bean has turned 4 years old and Brax has turned 10!! What a couple of special gingers they are and they both quite rightly got spoilt on their Birthdays :-) Both such amazing girls and we are lucky to have them x

Princess Brax was treated to a pamper day on her Birthday from her Auntie Jenni and Brodie got a full spa day too! They both desperately needed doing and look amazing now-Brax's belly hair was almost on the ground so she is all ready with her go faster haircut for the show season! Look how fluffy and white they are :-)

Brooke bean got a new harness for her birthday-its a long story (and for once nothing to do with Sparkle eating harnesses!) She managed to injure herself a while back and hurt her shoulder. She is seeing the physio on a weekly basis and having all manner of treatments which seem to be working well but we are taking her recovery very slowly. She needed a new harness that didn't sit on the point of her sore shoulder and this one fits the bill as its thin, light and made to measure. She is still very naked from the pups bless her!

The older two shelties were joined on one of their regular demos last week by very special guests-Jenni and Squidge! Yep at 10 weeks old little Squidglet (and I mean little, he is dinky!) did his first demo at Age Concern. He was such an awesome boy and made his Granny and Daddy toad very proud! Here is the demo squad

And Squidge showing how brave he is on a wobble cushion!

I have been very busy at work over the last week and been out for some early walks which is lovely when its so light-here are Brax and Spark wondering where we are going next?!

And I did a tiny bit of gridwork with the Sparkler. I have a new app on my phone that freeze frames videos so here is a still of Spark in flight up a progressive bounce grid!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Ajaxs UKA show

I took the three midis to Ajaxs at the weekend. Mostly to get some NFC (not for competition) runs in with Sparkle so I could reward various things. The other reason was to have a go at the Beginners Steeplechase qualifier. It was the first time that I have ran Brodie, Dolly and Spark all on the same day and the one I struggled switching to was Miss Dolly. Probably due to not training her much at all recently but her jump commitment point is basically when she is in the air unlike my two!

Brodie ran soooo well-he was loving the big spread out courses and was totally bonkers about being at a party! He won a jumping and came 4th in a fast steeplechase so he gets the first 'sofa' picture of the year!!

The reason I couldn't actually use the sofa was that I didn't have the heart to move these two off it!!

This was one of Toads Eliminations but I loved this run! Thanks to Jenni for filming and dog juggling for me :-)

This was the beginners qualifier-needless to say we didn't go clear and I'm actually regretting running it as it was just all too tight for Spark and the point of going was to build her ring confidence! Sorry I can't flip it round but you get the idea.

I was pleased with how Dolls and Spark ran. Dolly it was just my timing so I now I have more time I need to borrow her more regularly! With Spark it was baby things. I had been practicing weaves in the garden while she was in season but I should have twigged that using stick in the ground ones would be a nightmare for her as she was pushing them out of the way. We need to do more weave homework but I was really pleased with her waits and focus. She wasn't quite as quick as she is when she is confident and her jumping was a wee bit stuttery but its all ring experience she needs now. Here is a compilation :-)

Brooke has been sore on her shoulder since having a run in with a stair gate so she is resting. To cheer Brax up we took her to the market on Saturday-she enjoyed being an only doglet! 

How are the puppies I hear you ask! They are doing really well :-) I saw Blaze and Squidge at Ajaxs which was lovely! Here are a couple of pics-Daddy and Uncle Rommy just keeping an eye on them!

Daddy dog got a lovely pressi in the post from Sarah and her hounds! He was so excited he couldn't stop looking at the yummy treats! Thank you again Sarah for thinking of my lovely boy :-)

This pic is for my Mummy! Every year for Christmas I love getting a magic tree from her-I think they are so pretty and this year I hadn't done it cos of the pups but here it is all finished! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

And then there was one...

Squidge and Blaze went to their new homes over the weekend which has left Maverick as an only child for a week. I have really enjoyed having him to work with as one puppy is much easier than three to get out and about! Little Mav has had a baptism of fire this week as he has had to become a fully fledged Burdett doglet and tag along with me during the day at work. Here is a little video of what Mav has been getting up to!

He really is his Dads boy! They both love sleeping on their backs :-)