Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March, the show season starts...and CRUFTS!

I have been so bad at updating the blog recently. I admit I have had a lot on my mind as I decided to sell Diva (or actually was pushed to a decision by the hasty departure of a field mate) My riding days are over due to lack of time and a very dodgy back and knee. I will be very sad to part with her but it is the right decision for both of us.

At least the weather is improving slowly and means I can get more training in. I took my two and Dolly spaniel to Dog Vegas show at the start of March and although I could only stay for the morning I still managed to squeeze five runs in! Brodie ran past the dog walk in both classes which is so unlike him but I think there were reasons for both (one was totally my fault!) Dolly jumped really well but weaves were our downfall and the dog that got 2 out of 2 clears was Sparkle! She won the Graded 5-7 jumping and came 2nd in the C1-7 jumping, so proud of her! Videos here

Then less than a week later Brodie and I had the excitment of Crufts!! Although being reserves we didn't get to run, we had the best time cheering on our team and were very proud of how well they did WINNING!! What a brilliant result and well deserved. Icing on the cake was getting to run round the main arena with Brodie for the lap of honour :-D What an experience! Third year that Jenni and Rommy who I train have made it to Crufts so very proud trainer as well! I haven't got a link to the video but its on the Crufts official channel. 

Here are some photos from the big day...

Toad trying on his amazing team kit, sponsored by Doggystyle

Toad and his best mate Rommy :-) Toad looks very serious and Rommy looks very happy!

Lian had these amazing cup cakes made with our dogs on them!

Blingy harness!

Pic courtesy of Linda Gore....me and Toad, Lian and Sonic, Jenni and Rommy, Chantal and Savannah, Sammie and Penny. Our team kit was sponsored by Agilitywear and the ESSC Working Section

After Crufts we looked after Maverick as his Mum was showing at Crufts. He settled in really well and thought Brax was worth flirting with! Shelties waiting for breakfast

And Mav, Mama Bean and Daddy Toad :-D