Monday, 30 March 2009

Yay I finally got a picture of the last member of the Burdett clan-this is Jaffa my hamster, sorry its fuzzy but hes an active little guy!!
This slightly strange ball of fluff was Brodie after a very busy day at UKA! He was a good boy as it was his first proper outdoor show since he did UKA nursery last September. He got 5 faults in his jumping which was due to a weave entry (we were both going too fast!) he got a clear round in steeplechase and one point out of the placings and 5 faults in the other steeplechase. That one was definitely pilot error!! He was quite distracted so I know I need to work on his concentration when he's outside. We are looking forward to sheltie show next Sunday. Haha, we are doing pairs with Matt and Brax so hopefully we won't let them down! :-)
I actually managed to persuade Brax to sit still long enough for a photo with my Dad. She is such a fidget sometimes! She had a really good weekend at UKA Waverunners and over the course of two days got four 1sts and two 2nds. She worked so well and Matthew really is cracking her contact issues. We are so proud of our little pocket rocket!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

I'm really excited! My Dad is coming to visit today from Edinburgh and I have a UKA show to go to tomorrow with Brodie. It'll be the first outdoor one of the year so I hope the weather is kind to us. At the moment it is chucking it down and I have a feeling my training classes might be cancelled today...

Monday, 23 March 2009

Brodie had the most exciting time last night at Matthews Mums house. He discovered her physio ball!!

My dogs actually curled up in the same bed together!! I managed to get a pic of them - caught in the act!! I also made some time to do some contact training at home with Bracken as she needs regular reminders that contacts are not in fact long jumps!! I did some contact work with Brodie as he has always dome running contacts but he has just started jumping them now and then. I don't want to have to retrain him in the middle of the season so I have started to introdue the idea of stopping in a 2 on/2 off position. Luckily he is generally a quick learner!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I have acquired another dog to train! The handsome boy on the right of the photo (that Matthew is hiding behind!) is Rio who belongs to my boss's Mum. He is a German Spitz who is approx 4 years old but not sure as he is a rescue dog. I ran him in training at work yesterday and despite being overweight (sorry Ri!) he loves agility. He is a bit of a loose cannon at the mo and has not mastered see-saw or weaves but has wonderful running contacts. He is such a sweet dog who gets on so well with my two and just adore any cuddles! Brodie obviously couldn't stay awake in this pic!

It was such nice weather today that I took a risk and put Max out NAKED!! Poor boy stood by the gate looking horrified and I admit that he came in looking very grubby! Don't want to speak too soon but it must mean spring is coming...

Monday, 16 March 2009

I'm so proud of my lovely dogs! Brodie did his first KC show at Chippenham yesterday and it was Brackens first of the season. She was a clever girl and got a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Best of it was that she managed to get her contacts in both her agility runs! Matthew has been working so hard all winter and it was nice to see that it has paid off. He just needs the confidence to know she can do it in the ring.

Brodie was my little superstar, he got clears in both his agility and jumping combined 1-3 classes and wasn't far from the placings. More importantly, he loved it!! He is quite a shy polite dog and I wondered whether the atmosphere would get to him but the only thing that slowed him down was the pole-pickers sitting round the edge of the ring! He got 5 faults in his graded 1-3 agility but the course was quite tricky with a couple of pull throughs and something we had never done, A frame straight into 12 off-set weaves. He missed his entry first time but I was so proud of him. He came third!! Out of thirty odd dogs, only 5 of us weren't eliminated!!

It struck me yesterday how agility really creates a special bond with your dog. To be able to go out in that exciting atmosphere and have your dog trust you enough to do what you ask is quite magical. Just to share that adrenaline buzz knowing your dog is also having a party out there is brilliant. Both my dogs are so amazing but then I'm biased!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I had to include this pic of Max as it makes me laugh! He's on the left and his mate Trojan is on the right. At the back with his bum to the camera is Dice stuffing his face! It cracks me up as they are all wearing the same green 'chav' rug which wasn't planned!

Brodie and Bracken have had a great couple of nights training. I have a short video of Brax from Letchworth although its not great quality. She gets her dog walk contact but not sure about the A frame! I haven't got a decent vid of Brodie so have included a pic of them 'being bears!'

I have also found out that Brodie can stomach garlic sausage with no ill effects which is great as it sends him totally potty!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

We have been having so much fun watching all the agility at Crufts especially the Champ classes yesterday! Wow those dogs are FAST!! Our dogs loved wathcing it too, I hope they were taking some notes! Well done to the shelties and their handlers who highlight what amazing dogs they are.

I can't wait until next weekend as its Brodie and my first KC competition! Mind you there are between 66 and 76 people in my classes so I am aiming just to have Brodie enjoy himself and hopefully concentrate on me!

Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm so proud of Matthew and Bracken! They qualified for the final four of the Grade 3-5 Barking Mad final held at Keysoe. She was going really well until missing her A-frame contact but still managed to be runner up. She made up for the missed contact by winning her jumping class! I just think she looks adorable wearing her little medal!