Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lots of Birthdays and a show!

Little Bru dude has turned 11 months 😎 He is such a fun puppy and picks things up really quickly. Here he is in a lesson from a couple of weeks ago

Brooke has turned 7 years old which is crazy as it feels like yesterday that we picked her up! She spent part of her birthday at her Grandma Lians house and got to see puppies and her brother Sonic

Brax turned 13 last weekend and had the best day going as she saw my Mum (aka Nanna) She also had her hair done recently by her auntie Jenni as her chest beard was getting very impressive!! She looks much smarter now!

The morning of Braxs birthday we went to Paws at Play show to reward some contacts. Brooke won her jumping run and pushed Brodie into 2nd!! How rude 😂

We have had a couple of days of sun and it was amazing! Nothing can describe how truly dreadful this winter has been, it has been wet, cold, snowy and miserable. I can't wait for more sunshine! 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

ESSC AGM and snow stops play (again!)

Last weekend we went to the ESSC Working Section AGM. As trophy secretary I have to give out the annual awards. There are trophies for agility, obedience, working trials, junior handler, rally and veteran dog and some of them are sooooo old! I'm giving up this year as have been doing it for 7 years but wanted a pic of all the trophies together.

The league rosettes are presented there too. Brodie won the L4 Rally league and came 4th in G7 agility and Brooke bean came 2nd in L2 Rally league and 6th in G7 agility. I'm biased but what talented doglets!

 Its been so cold here, this was the start of the week when we were doing pyjama walkies with a sprinkling of snow

And this was a few days later! A thick covering of snow again, we have had so much this year! 

Not that Spark is complaining as she looooves the snow!

Brax isn't so impressed by it! We cleared her a little path to get to the garden :-)

Bru thought it was amazing fun!

These two are snow monsters as well, Brooke likes to do zoomies in it and Brodie uses his nose as a snow plough!

As a result the snow we were supposed to be at this weekend has been cancelled which although its a shame is so sensible! Hopefully we will get some nicer weather again soon, I hate not being able to work!