Thursday, 17 December 2009

Brodie's new trick!

Since going to Spain and watching the horses performing a movement called Spanish walk, I decided it would be a fun thing to teach Brodie. It looks very elegant when done by a horse but I'm not so convinced about Brodie achieving elegant! Here is a video of him managing a few steps in a row. I taught it by teaching him to touch a pen with his paw. The problem was getting him to use alternate paws and then walking as well - serious multi-tasking!!

Clever Brax!

We went to our Letchworth Agility Club Christmas party on tuesday evening and had fun seeing everyone and playing party games! They did some of the club awards for the club match nights and points from the Letchworth KC show. I was very surprised that Brodie came third in his section of the Medium league but Matthew and I was totally gobsmacked when Bracken won the overall best Letchworth member rosette and trophy. I think we are still in shock and the rosette is absolutely HUGE compared to Brax! I have to include a picture of it as its so pretty.

Holiday time!

We had such a lovely time away on holiday in the Peak District and very busy time since we have been back! Earlier in the week we met up with my Mum and sister and their dog Tresca and we had a fun but soggy walk and meet up with friends in Cheshire. Here is a photo of the (really wet!) walkers. I love the fact that my Mum and Bracken are wearing co-ordinated coats!!

The cottage that we stayed in was fantastic and very dog friendly. There was a huge selection of walks to do from the doorstep and we did about 12 miles every day. The cottages are called Wheeldon Trees and they are well worth a visit for a great dog holiday. The dogs came out for meals with us and even got to go down into some caves on a guided tour which was a new experience for them! Here is a selection of pics from our week away, including a funny one of Brodies crazy ear hair in the wind!