Monday, 21 August 2017

Kennel Club Festival and 16 week old Bru

Bru is now 16 weeks old and has had little adventures down to the rings at shows. He seems totally at ease so far with the environment which is great! We are being careful to take him by himself at the moment as we don't want him to learn bad habits from our others (who are mostly good but can occasionally bark at dogs running!)

At KCI (Kennel Club International Agility Festival...biggest agility show in Europe) Bru met up with his breeder and brother Sirius who he loves! He also had a play with two of his littermates Gap and Zooma, they had fun beating each other up!!

Brooke had a issue running up to KCI as I had stupidly (still kicking myself) thrown a ball for her in training and she had skidded and rolled onto her shoulder and was lame. A trip to physio revealed that she had put her first rib out and was sore in her neck. She did compete at KCI but wasn't quite right in the jumping so she is on rest for a bit longer.

Spark has never gone clear at KCI before and this year excelled herself! We had 5f in the weaves in the British open jumping and managed to come 2nd out of 232 dogs in the agility which qualified her for the semi final in the main ring! We got E'd in the semi but she ran so well and didn't disgrace herself in champ either coming 6th in the jumping and having 10f in the agility (a refusal and then a pole)

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Brookes first champ and Brodie wins Fab Final!

I'm a bit behind in updates but will try and not waffle on too much! The two younger girls did champ at the Agility Club show with Matthew and both did really well. They both got E'd in the agility round but at least it highlighted a couple of points we need to work on. They both struggled to find the wall as the second part of a pull thru and the weave entry was a toughie! But on the upside they both did nice contacts :-)

In the jumping round they both ended up as the fastest 5 (Spark with a pole and Brooke with a refusal) so nice to know they are right up there time wise! Looking forward to KCI now although slightly nerve wracking as its sooooo big! Brodie was also a star getting a clear despite me missing the course walking! The runs are all on my Youtube page but here is Brooke in action

Last weekend we went to FAB Surrey, it was great to NFC some contacts in the ring with Spark! Brodie had two runs, senior agility and the senior jumping final. My superstar boy won both!!

Spark had a pole down in the IFCS jumping but was only a second off the winners time which happened to be Matthew running Helens Toby!! We both failed at snooker unfortunately! Brooke wasn't running at FAB due to a little tweak that has been sorted luckily. Brax and Bru had fun pottering around...between rain showers! 

These are screenshots from our finals run but the top one sums up how much we love running agility together!! <3 p="">

And here is Bru's most recent video showing what he has been up to!