Thursday, 26 June 2014

Love it when it all clicks!!

Sofa picture from Watford show!

Matt and I are so pleased that we didn't let Brooke progress up the grades last year as she really wasn't ready. She lacked confidence and the connection with Matt in the ring that they have a training. This season she has been much more mature but over the last few weeks they have really got it together. I'm so proud of them! She has now had six wins at Grade 5 and two of them have been in Combined 5-7 classes. This video is of her doing C5-7 agility :)

Sofa picture from Dog Vegas Monday-Brooke couldn't keep her eyes open!

Brodie has had some good runs over the weekend as well, finishing with a 2nd and a couple of 3rds in total. He had been off for a few weeks with a hamstring injury so I was pleased with how he worked but think he might of overdone it and is a bit tight again-back to the physio poor boy. This is him coming 3rd in a C6-7 agility.

Dolly spaniel was awesome at Dog Vegas as well and won a C1-4 jumping! We are starting to click in the ring now and get the same work that we get in training. I know she was wide at the start of this run but love her enthusiasm!

Brax has had some jumping runs with Matthew and is flying to the point that his timing is all out-he ran both girls in the same class for the first time and found it pretty tricky! Brax is doing really well on the KC height  but obviously needs to work on go rounds judging by where she gets eliminated on a course!

Sparkle gets to play nfc in the ring soon, I can't wait to see how she gets on! Her training is coming together nicely and we are now tackling full height A frames with no trouble. This is a little video of her doing a lower A frame and weaves. Excuse the bad filming but it does make her independent!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Axstane and Heat Wave!

It has been so hot here this week that even sun loving Brax has been diving for the nearest bit of shade!!

Once the paddling pool was out there was no stopping my two goofy water babies from getting in it!

Diva turned 2 this weekend as well-don't know where the time has gone! She is a very pretty girly and maturing nicely :)

Poor Brodie has a tear in his hamstring and a sore back as a result :( he has been heat packed and stretched and hopefully will be on the mend soon. He enjoys all the extra fuss though!

At Axstane show yesterday little Brax got a clear round in champ agility and unfortunately was too quick for Matt in the jumping round and got eliminiated! Here she is in champ agility though

And Brooke worked her socks off in her three classes! She came out of the weaves in her jumping from going too fast, missed the last jump in the tunnels and jumping from going to fast (sense a pattern!) but managed to win her G5 agility! That means one more win to go and she is G6 :)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sheltie Centenary Show

I went to the ESSC Centenary show on Saturday with Brodie and Brax. Matthew stayed at home to look after Brooke who has been poorly. The Working section were in charge of running a have a go agility ring which went down really well! We had loads of people trying it with their (slightly bemused in some cases!) show dogs.

Brodie thought that chatting up all the pretty girls was very exciting!

This was the finale of the Heelwork to Music display-they all did really well and in the foreground you can see some of the 1914 costumes. (We were supposed to dress up but I didn't!) Some people had very smart costumes!

They slept for ages when we got home-Sparkler had obviously had a busy day with her Daddy! Brax was getting her beauty sleep as she did Champ at Thames on Sunday. She managed a spectacular E in both rounds but had great fun doing it! Most importantly she wasn't struggling at all with the jump height :)

How cute are my two little dudes waiting for Matthew and the gingers?! 

This was lazy Monday morming in the Burdett household-Matt had gone to work and let the shelties up on the bed-I had to get up as they made me far too hot! (I say lazy but this was 6am)

I love Brooke snuggling in and Brodie's feet up in the background!!

Some fun pictures from playing in the field today!

 I love this one-Sparkle has the ball and Brooke is being clever and going to head her off as she comes out of the tunnel!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Quad Paws and Keston

It has been all go since coming back from Holland. We went to teach at sheltie camp last weekend and had some very clever shelties and handlers despite the bad weather. The turnout was pretty poor compared to last year but probably as we had changed the weekend and it fell on a bank holiday when people were busy :( Our dogs enjoyed the fact that there weren't as many people there as they got to play as well! Brodie tried his paw at Rally and scent work which he loved and Brooke did some obedience and Matt was again told that she shows serious potential in obedience even if he doesn't!! Bracken...well have you ever seen a flying squirrel on a wildlife programme?? Check this out! She has decided that running A frames are great fun!!

I also realised that I forgot to put Brax's team relay video on the blog last week so here it is

I have been bad and not downloaded the ifcs videos off the camera yet (we didn't film all of the runs) but need to get round to it! 

During the week I took Dolly to Quad paws UKA show to get her out and about. She was such a good spanner and didn't care at all about the rain and mud. I didn't walk the jumping course resulting in an E so bad me but we came 2nd in Novice agility and won gamblers!! She also did the best E ever in a steeplechase run-she absolutely flew!! Unfortunately she flew past the last two jumps as well but I was so happy with how she was working :) Here she is posing and looking very serious!

Its such a shame that we can't get her out to many KC shows because of her being G1 and having to do C1-3 classes which seem very thin on the ground. 

We went to Keston KC show yesterday and were competing Brooke and Brodie. They were both nutty in their first agility run! It was Brookes first ever Grade 5 show and clever little bean managed to get a jumping win that was quicker than the G6 and 7 dogs. I actually managed to video it on Matts phone-excuse her gobbing all the way round!

Brodie was a clever toad and managed a 3rd in the G5-7 jumping, really pleased considering it was quite a flowing course and he managed to pull of a tempting jump! Jenni and Rommy won their G5 jumping too so very clever J9 shelties :) What with Chester Beagle winning into Grade 7 and Bailey lab winning Beginners Steeplechase we had a LOT of cakes at class on Friday!! All such fab doglets :)