Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Massage, puppies and dog walks

Brodie and I enjoyed having some 1-1 time over the weekend as I took him to an Introduction to Massage Workshop which was very informative and Brodie enjoyed being a guinea pig! He also got to take Sparkles place in my weekly lesson with Dan as we have a show coming up and thought we needed some practice. He was AMAZING! I have always hated pull throughs and Dan got us doing them a totally different (very European) way. Brodie never ceases to amaze me as he has never done more than a handful of ketchkers but he tries his hardest to work out what his dippy Mum wants him to do!!

I can't believe the boys are 3 weeks old today! They are very active now and starting to lick mushed up food and yoghurt off my fingers - it is a messy business! They are confident, playful and just gorgeous, can't ask for more :-) Here is a video of them playing last week

I haven't got out to do as much training as usual due to puppies but I had a quick dog walk session at the field today. Sparkle loved having a play! We only did a few but she got 100% hits and I managed to prop my phone up and film one :-)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Beans boys 3 weeks tomorrow!

The boys are getting quick at moving around now and are making lots of entertaining yipping and growling noises! They now have a play session as well as their old routine of eat and sleep and are loving investigating the toys in their box :-)

Here are some pics of each pup...changing all the time and they look like shelties now instead of guinea pigs!! The cuddling pics are bad quality but they were taken at 4am!

Gavin, still the smallest but he is catching up fast! Very sweet to handle but quite fiesty around his toys and stands up for himself at the milk bar!

Blaze, happy to cuddle but likes to get exploring as well. The most adventurous pup at this stage-first to escape out of the whelping box!

Smithy can't sit still for two seconds normally and is a real get up and go puppy! He is very playful and a bit of a terror but gives lovely cuddles when he is tired!

Here are a couple of the whole lot with Mama Bean 

Hard life eh, boys?!

Mum and Dad got out on the fields over the weekend in the sunshine (hence Brooke squinting in the photo!) We may be biased but we think Brooke looks amazing for 3 weeks post pup!

And here to make you smile is a video of Gavin having a lovely dream on my lap-please ignore the tv in the background!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beans boys 2 weeks :-)

The boys are now two weeks old and growing like weeds! Blaze was the first to have his eyes open and was swiftly followed by Smithy and then Gavin. They are far more active now and are enjoying scooting round their whelping box! They have been coming out for cuddles with us and their Bio-sensor handling as well as their daily weigh in. The pups have also been allowed to toddle round on different surfaces to get them used to adapting and balancing. All of them at some point have had a little play with a toy and they are starting to bundle each other a lot as well!

They had their Great Grandma Lian round to visit at the weekend and I'm not kidding when I say she should be a professional photographer!! She took some lovely photos of the boys that I'm sure their new owners will treasure. It was lovely to see her and it was also the day that Blaze opened his eyes :-)

Here are some of Lians pictures-firstly Mama Bean and her boys!

Eye spy Blaze!

Little Gav having a bad ear day!

Smithy the day before his eyes opened

The boys with Brookes Camel :-)

I just love this photo! <3 p="">

Sleepy tris and naughty sable!

Their legs are getting stronger

Handsome Daddy Brodie

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Beanie babies 1 week

I apologise now for anyone who would rather read about agility than puppies-tough!! Beans boys are now over a week old and growing nicely having doubled their birth weight easily. They are happy little boys and it is fascinating watching them grow and change daily. SHe is still being an amazing Mummy and now tends to only go to them if they are hungry. She often stays for a post feed nap though!

Everything is so tiny! I love watching the changes in their little paw pads as they darken up with pigment.

So let me officially introduce Beans boys....they have temporary names at the moment...don't laugh!

First born was Gavin who is Brodie's mini me! He is so incredibly cute and the smallest of the boys although he is catching his brothers up. He loves waving his left paw in the air when you hold him! You can see how much pigment is coming in on their pads now. He is one happy little pup :-)

 Second born was Blaze (was Bryn!) He came into the world backwards just to be different and has been the biggest and strongest pup from day one. He is also a real chatterbox! He makes the sweetest squeaks in his sleep and absolutely loves Brookes camel toy to snuggle up to.

Last to be born and came out in a hurry to get to the bar is Smithy!! A shaded sable and definitely Brookes mini me as he has inherited her colour but also her powerful shape. Nothing this boy does is slow! Like his brothers he is a real cuddle monster though. Here he is with Brooke

One thing that they have inherited from their father is the desire to sleep upside down!! Here is Smithy on his back after having one too many at the milk bar!

Blaze on his back having a snooze!

 And Gavin showing off his lovely tan makings-definitely his fathers son!

And what does their Daddy think of his kids? This is him seeing his sons for the first time :-D

Monday, 12 January 2015

New Years Blessings

I will do a proper pupdate at some point but for everyone who has asked, The first Braxway litter is here! Brooke had three beautiful boys on January 6th. Two tris and one shaded sable and they are just gorgeous! She is a natural Mummy and it is just lovely watching her with them. Here are a couple of pics just for now :-)

Boys on Day 1 with tired Mummy Bean

Boys on Day 3 from L-R...Smithy, Bryn and Gavin. Don't worry these are not their permanent names! I'm sure their new owners have got some great names lined up for them. Smithy is just a mini Brooke, Gavin is a mini Brodie (including the sleeping on his back!) and Bryn is half 'n' half! Love these boys already and literally can spend all night just sitting watching them!