Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow puppies

We have had a HUGE load of snow over the weekend which makes everything take twice as long to do but is sooo pretty and Christmassy! Brodie is a real snow puppy and would run around in it chasing snowballs all day, he really doesn't seem to feel the cold. Brax on the other hand is a real diva about the snow and refuses to go to the loo unless she is REALLY desperate! She has been a bit better since she has her Hurtta coat on which stops the snowballs on her tummy - awwww!

After a snowy walk, Brax likes nothing better than curling up with her 'mooey'!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Naked pony!

I've spent the morning clipping Max pony's thick winter coat off - what a huge amount of hair!! He resembled a yak!! He is a very good boy to clip fortunately but it is still a huge job.

The shelties are still recovering from their holiday I think! They took over our sofa yesterday and made themselves comfy :)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Somerset Holiday

We are back after spending a week in Somerset. We had a fantastic time doing a lot of walking, eating out and drinking cider! :) It was probably the best place to be in the country weather wise as although we had some beautiful frosts, we escaped the snow!

We visited Bath and Cheddar during our holiday and the dogs really enjoyed going down the caves in Cheddar. It was nice to go to a place where the dogs could go into all the pubs and attractions. They are very good at lying under tables in pubs! We did some spectacular walks including one with the thickest frost I've ever seen.

We went for a walk round Bath and although we didn't see much from the hill, it was very atmospheric! Here is a pic of Matt and the small ginger one by Sham castle (so called as it is just a wall, not an actual castle!)

Here are a couple of pics from our walk round Cheddar gorge. If you look closely, you can see a couple of Exmoor ponies grazing.

We were meant to be doing agility last weekend but it was cancelled because so many competitors couldn't get there because of the heavy snow. We had decided to try out for the England squad for the World Agility Open Champs that are being held next year in May. The heights suit our two shelties well, particularly Brax who will actually be at the top of her height catergory for a change!! Brodie and I entered to gain some experience of doing some more technical courses and to stop me getting ring rusty! The event has been postponed to Jan which means I can't go :( but hopefully Matthew and Brax will still have a try.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sheltie Visitor :)

Jenni bought Rommy round last Monday to visit and go for a walk with my dogs to practice his recall. He was a little superstar and really loved going out for a 'big dog' walk with other shelties! He also had great fun playing in my flat with lots of toys - awwww!

Brax took great pleasure in telling him off about playing with her toys while Brodie decided Rommy was the scariest thing he'd ever seen and just wanted to sit on my feet - he is the biggest wimp ever!! Wait until we get a puppy next year - he won't know whats hit him!! :)

Rommy got tired after a while and was trying so hard not to fall asleep! He also came to visit Max and Megans pony Al at the yard and he took it in his stride. He is growing into such a handsome boy!