Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow puppies

We have had a HUGE load of snow over the weekend which makes everything take twice as long to do but is sooo pretty and Christmassy! Brodie is a real snow puppy and would run around in it chasing snowballs all day, he really doesn't seem to feel the cold. Brax on the other hand is a real diva about the snow and refuses to go to the loo unless she is REALLY desperate! She has been a bit better since she has her Hurtta coat on which stops the snowballs on her tummy - awwww!

After a snowy walk, Brax likes nothing better than curling up with her 'mooey'!!


  1. I love the snow too. But those snowballs are really annoying.
    Love Coco

  2. Aww bless! Khandi & Brax would get on a treat! as would Ellie & Brodie! LOL! I'm waiting on an all-in-one coming from Ellie, to stop the "snowballs" Looking forward to catching up next year, if you decide to come up for the Champ for both of them this time woohoo!