Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 already!

Happy New Year to all! We have got through the Christmas rush and enjoyed seeing friends and family but I may scream if I see snow in the next month or two!! Working outside is great in summer but you make up for it by having a hard time in winter. At least it inspires you to do everything faster to keep warm! I do get chilly when I'm training outside so have resorted to as many layers as I can get on and running around like a nutter :)

Obviously I couldn't do much training when the snow was on the ground so I'm trying to catch up now by doing the odd five mins here and there with our two. The dogs are loving being able to work again and they are running so well after their time off, unfortunately the same couldn't be said for me! I'm a bit unfit after Christmas so New Years resolution is to keep a bit fitter so I don't let my canine partners down!

I must say a well done to Ellie who is Brodie's wee half sister who recently got a 3rd place at a show and looked so proud of her rosette, awwww!!

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  1. Happy New Year to you all too!!!

    Congrats to Ellie! She's a clever girl.