Saturday, 8 January 2011

Training days

Rommy is now 5 months old and came into work with Jenni for the last three days, as you can see he found it very tiring! He had great fun and enjoyed being with my two in the staff room - it was nice having a sheltie of each colour!

The weather has been dreadful this week and its hard to get motivated to get outside at this time of year! To get my butt in gear, I have booked some training days with some fantastic trainers - I want to learn some new exercises and know how to work on my dogs weak points. The first one is gridwork for Bracken - I can't wait!

On that note, we have some training days coming up at the kennels that are being held on our arena. If anyone is interested either facebook me or phone Little Revel End Kennels . The first training day is Lee Windeatt on 27th Feb. The arena has a crufts all weather grass surface and can be hired as well. Its booking up for Crufts already. Its going to be hard to concentrate on my work while fab people like Dawn Weaver are working their dogs in the arena!! :)

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  1. Awww what a wee cute! I bet you were tempted the pup in your bag LOL! The weather is horrible, not long till we're all into the way of it and shattered too :) I wish I loved closer, looks a lovely outdoor training venue.