Monday, 24 January 2011

Weave practice for Brax

Yesterday we took the shelties to the arena and worked Brax through some of her weave exercises that she has been set for her WAO 'homework'. She was a good little girly and worked well but the exercises did highlight some weaker points that we need to work on. Unlike the majority of dogs nowadays, Brax was trained to weave using the old lure with food method! (Mainly because at the time we didn't know any different and didn't have access to channels or V weaves.) She has built up independence in the weaves but still struggles to find the entry if Matthew doesn't help her. More homework needed!!

I had a operation to remove a cyst from my eye this week and I had most of the week off to recover. I am NOT good at taking it easy!! Apart from walking the dogs and reading out of my good eye I also worked on more proprioception exercises with the dogs. It so much fun to give them a prop and click them for different behaviours!! Brodie struggled with the wobble cushion at first but can now beg on it! Gorgeous boy! :)

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  1. Awwww how cute is he :) Hope your feeling better!
    If you don't rest you could end up taking longer to recover, you don't want that! ;)