Monday, 27 April 2009

This is a pic of Brodie that I took at work a while ago and forgot about it! I took Brackens tiny bed to work when Nicola took her to college for a bath and I left the bed a work for a few days. It really is a TINY bed, designed for a cat so I still can't believe Brodie squeezed in it!!

We had a really nice day yesterday at WBSDS at Newbury. The weather was fantastic and Brax was more on form than she was on Sat...! Bracken was a little superstar and won both a C3-5 jumping and agility!! The courses were lovely and flowing which suited her down to the ground. The photo is Brax practising a 'hold' command with one of the lovely WBSDS rosettes!

I was really pleased with Brodie as he is getting more confidence on each outing and yesterday was the most consistent he's been. He was clear in the agility but just out of the placings, he had 5f in the weaves on one of the jumping classes, mainly as I tried to cross behind and accidently pushed him in the wrong side. He was brilliant in his last jumping class and came 4th! He still lacks confidence if its not obvious to him where to do next. I know its about my confidence as well and I have to be firm with my directional commands.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Brax had an amazing weekend again! She went to Wallingford show at Newbury showground and came 2nd in the G3 jumping on Saturday and won the G3 agility and jumping on Sunday. She did well in the agility yesterday as it was not at all easy and Matt had to really work her contacts. She got some lovely crystal trophies and posh rosettes!

Brodie got tenth in the C1-2 agility club starters challenge with 5 faults. Ironically I was much more pleased with this than the unplaced clear we got in the jumping!! He absolutely flew round the agility course and was unfortunate to miss his A-frame contact. It was the first time I have felt that he was really fully concentrating on me whilst at a competition. He can be so fast and keen in training and he just needs the confidence to get some speed up while he's at a show. We are at Newbury for the next two weekends so hopefully he'll get more confidence each time.

I have been brave recently and been turning Max out NAKED!! Bless him, he has been kind to me and not rolled too much. I even unplaited his mane yesterday and couldn't believe how long its got over winter.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

This is a terrible video of Bracken doing one of her jumping classes, I apologise for the terrible quality of it as it was taken on my phone. It is the same course that Brodie did for his Jumping as well.
These are the trophies we won at Bretford at the weekend, Matthew decided to arrange them into a m(egg)xican wave!! My poor hamster must be thinking his worlds changed colour :-)

Monday, 13 April 2009

We had a really fun weekend competing at Bretfords Easter Egg'ility show. It was lovely for me to compete two days in a row and spend some time with my hubby but what made it even more special was that Brax won into Grade 4 on yesterday and Brodie won into Grade 2 today - wow our doggies did us proud!! Well done to all our friends who did so well over the weekend too!!

I haven't sorted out any photos or vids yet but Brax won Grade 3 jumping on Sat and today, Grade 3 agility yesterday and Jump and Go today. She also got a second in 1-5 jumping yesterday. There was some really interesting courses! Unfortunately she want like a rocket in her agility today but jumped the dog walk contact like it was a long jump despite Matts best efforts to stop her!!

Brodie coped well with three classes each day although I lost his attention a fair amount as its only his second open show. When he was concentrating he was brilliant but he had the odd 'daydreamy' moment on some of the courses. He was a superstar though and won his Grade 1 jumping yesterday and the Grade 1 jumping and agility today!! He is twitching in his sleep at the moment, probably dreaming about his busy day :-)

Monday, 6 April 2009

This is Brodie posing with his rosettes from the Sheltie Agility show. Between the two of them they also won two beautiful plates and 5 mugs with Sheltie pics on them. They are the nicest trophies!! I have to say as well that it is such a lovely show and its great to meet up with our sheltie friends. Well done to Becky to organising it all!

Brodie only did three classes and he won the 1-2 agility, came 2nd in the 1-2 jumping and got 5 faults in the pairs (as did Brax). My gorgeous boy also came third in the grade 1 sheltie league 2008 and won the Best med starter award. I am so proud of him as he has just turned two and only done a few shows. The icing on the cake was that my Mum was down from Scotland and saw them compete for the first time!!
This is a quick video of Bracken doing the C1-4 jumping course. She was flying!! It was taken on my mums camera so its probably better quality than normal!
This is a very tired Bracken after a busy day at the sheltie agility show yesterday! (She redeemed herself after her three eliminations on saturday at Shuttleworth) She won the 3-5 agility, 1-4 jumping and came 2nd in the 3-5 jumping. Clever Brax also got the Overall points winner from Sheltie league 2008 and Best Small Novice dog award. Needless to say we are very proud of her!! :-)