Monday, 27 April 2009

We had a really nice day yesterday at WBSDS at Newbury. The weather was fantastic and Brax was more on form than she was on Sat...! Bracken was a little superstar and won both a C3-5 jumping and agility!! The courses were lovely and flowing which suited her down to the ground. The photo is Brax practising a 'hold' command with one of the lovely WBSDS rosettes!

I was really pleased with Brodie as he is getting more confidence on each outing and yesterday was the most consistent he's been. He was clear in the agility but just out of the placings, he had 5f in the weaves on one of the jumping classes, mainly as I tried to cross behind and accidently pushed him in the wrong side. He was brilliant in his last jumping class and came 4th! He still lacks confidence if its not obvious to him where to do next. I know its about my confidence as well and I have to be firm with my directional commands.

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  1. I like that picture of Brax holding her well earned rosette, she looks so tiny compared to the rosette!

    She is a pocket rocket, way to go, little Brax.

    And well done to Brodie for coming 4th in the Jumping, more to come!