Monday, 25 January 2021

Snow spam!

 We have had some snow! It started during my walk yesterday morning (Matt stayed at home to look after Brodie as he is still having a pancreatitis flare up. By the time I got back with the other three it was snowing quite heavily and Toad enjoyed a potter in the garden! 

The morning started with a heavy frost

And we ended up with a few inches of snow! 

And of course we had to go and play in the garden!! 

This is possibly my fav photo! Toad has been feeling so rough but really enjoyed playing in the snow!

During the week I made some chocolate cookies, now thinking of what I can bake next? 😁

I also managed to finish another puzzle!  I'm not sure why it is sideways though! 

I have also been reading Captain Toms autobiography that my Mum got me for Christmas, he has lead such an interesting life! 

Thanks to everyone asking about Toad, he has been having a bad flare up which has meant many sleepless nights and him feeling very sorry for himself. In some ways its a relief that Im not working as the weather is so bad that I would be cancelling anyway and at least I can spend some sofa time with Toad 💙

I ventured out for a snowy walk with the younger two this morning and got some cool photos, sorry for the photo spam! 

Our road this morning

They found a friend on the fields! 

Monday, 18 January 2021

Flooding and puzzles!

 The weather has continued to be appalling over week 2 of lockdown. We have had a lot of flooding locally and our garden is very squelchy! To be fair I wouldn't have been working anyway so at least I'm not having the stress of cancelling and constantly rearranging lessons...silver lining! As a result we have done a lot of pavement walks over the weekend as Bru's nail is still healing and Toad is still not going too far due to his pancreatitis. He is on the mend but it is slow progress! 

Its hard to see properly but this road became a river and they had to bring a fire service boat out to sort it as they couldn't get the fire engine through! 

I have been enjoying doing a couple of puzzles that my Mum in Law lent me, I have completed one (apart from a missing piece) and started the next one. They are quite addictive! And a lot more fun than doing housework 😂

We also had some snow this weekend, just a sprinkling but it was nicer than rain! I would quite like some proper snow, for the first time in years I could enjoy it as I'm not working or trying to do horses. Toad was the sweetest, he did a double take and then went running up the garden!

I also got back into doing some lockdown baking and made some brownies that have already disappeared! They were very tasty 😁

I thought I would chart my Amaryllis progress on here! Wendy and I have a yearly Amaryllis competition as she gives me one for Christmas, this years one is really keen to get growing!

And as I couldn't resist here are a couple of photos of the boys on the bed having cuddles! Brodie 💙

And Bru in his fav place, he loves his Dad! 💛

Monday, 11 January 2021

Winter lockdowns are tough...

 So the first week of lockdown is over and it has been tougher than last time, I think mainly due to the weather and not being able to spend time in the garden doing jobs without freezing! At the moment we have Brodie having a pancreatitis flare up which involves lots of going in the bath and sleepless nights, Bru has a split nail high up and is fed up of not running around or being able to lick it, Spark pulled up lame at the weekend after running for no apparent reason so Brooke is the only one currently not broken! Typically I was just starting to get stuck into some conditioning work with them and wanted to do some garden agility exercises with the younger two! I'm sure they will all be better at some point but it is a bit frustrating. 

Sad little Rupert 😢

My two can be quite sweet sometimes!

Toad was enjoying his exercises before his flare up

No room on the sofa!!

I have had some nice walks over the last week (this is before Spark was sore!)

Nothing wrong with this trot!

A rare three headed sheltie!

Bean and I found a stone snake at the local duck pond although she was too busy watching the ducks!

We even dug the treadmill out of the garage as another way of exercising Bru without his foot getting dirty (he walks a bit funny with boots on!) Session 1 was a bit chaotic as Brodie wanted to walk on it too and Bru kept sliding off backwards!