Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beans boys 2 weeks :-)

The boys are now two weeks old and growing like weeds! Blaze was the first to have his eyes open and was swiftly followed by Smithy and then Gavin. They are far more active now and are enjoying scooting round their whelping box! They have been coming out for cuddles with us and their Bio-sensor handling as well as their daily weigh in. The pups have also been allowed to toddle round on different surfaces to get them used to adapting and balancing. All of them at some point have had a little play with a toy and they are starting to bundle each other a lot as well!

They had their Great Grandma Lian round to visit at the weekend and I'm not kidding when I say she should be a professional photographer!! She took some lovely photos of the boys that I'm sure their new owners will treasure. It was lovely to see her and it was also the day that Blaze opened his eyes :-)

Here are some of Lians pictures-firstly Mama Bean and her boys!

Eye spy Blaze!

Little Gav having a bad ear day!

Smithy the day before his eyes opened

The boys with Brookes Camel :-)

I just love this photo! <3 p="">

Sleepy tris and naughty sable!

Their legs are getting stronger

Handsome Daddy Brodie

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