Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sorry for not updating blog for a wee while, we got back from Scotland very late on Tuesday night thanks to my car overheating and spending 2 hours waiting for the RAC to come from Glasgow! We had a lovely weekend, the weather on the Monday (my birthday!) was so nice and we walked the dogs on the beach next to my Dads house. I got totally spoilt by my family and it was so good to catch up with them all!

The dogs had a fab time too, except for the rain on Saturday!! We went to Fair City 2 day show held in the grounds of Scone Palace in Perth. It was a beautiful venue and the organisers did an amazing job keeping the show going in terrible conditions.

Brax wasn't happy about the rain the first day but still managed a couple of seconds. One class she did she ground to a halt and would NOT weave cos of the mud! Matthew very wisely took her out of the ring as she had her diva head on and wasn't going to do anything! Brodie doesn't mind the rain too much and managed a couple of 6ths in C1-4 agility and jumping.

On the sunday Brax was much happier and won all three of her classes!! It was her first day as a Grade 4 and she won two agility classes so has won into Grade 5. Matthew still looks a bit shocked!!

Brodie was a star and did a tricky 1-7 graded agility on the Sunday and was the only G1 to go clear so he won Grade 1 and also pulled off a 2nd in the C1-4 jumping. The course was more tricky and it suited him better than the up and down jumping on saturday. He was really attentive all weekend which was a step forward. He doesn't usually do two days in a row so I was pleased he didn't get too tired. I'll post some photos and a video or two soon.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Well done to the girl and the boy for winning on their classes!!