Thursday, 23 April 2020

Lockdown Day 31 - Van

As I write this they have just announced on the news that they are doing the first human trials on a Coronavirus vaccine this afternoon, sounds great but from my memory of molecular biology and viruses, it will be a loooong time yet until a vaccine will be widely available. Sadly now 18,738 people have lost their lives in hospital, that doesn't even take into account deaths in care homes and the community 😔 Both the chief medical officer and Nicola Sturgeon (aka 'the chipmunk'!) have both said that its unlikely that we will be returning to normal anytime this year. Looks like agility shows will be off the cards for a long time yet. I feel I need to write this down so I can look back and be so grateful when we can finally meet up and go out with family and friends! Who knew in January that life would be so weird.

Today has been a better Thursday, I had to take my van to the garage as it had a recall on its seatbelt but it was a great excuse to walk home from the garage and walk back to pick up the van. I took Spark with me in the morning and she had a great time...including going bonkers and running through the crop of oilseed rape!

Here are some pics from our morning walk, we did the boring road bit first

Crazy face!! 

The woods behind our house have lovely bluebells in as well so couldn't resist some more pics!

I spent most of the day in the garden sandpapering the chairs, weeding and potting out some tomatoes

I swear that Brooke is half cat...she has been following the sun round the room today! She had a special walk at lunchtime as the walk to the garage is a really busy one and she gets quite worried by off lead dogs running at her.

So I did the same walk in reverse in the afternoon with the boys and it was really hot so we were glad to be in the woods for a while!

It was hot in the sun though!

The boring road bit...almost there!

We arrived!

When i got in the van it was covered in plastic everywhere which was really sensible, it was reading 28 degrees!! Nice to be home and in the cool!

I forgot to post this yesterday but I better put it on here as it probably wont happen again! Matt managed to get a perfect score at bowling 😂

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