Monday, 6 April 2020

Lockdown Day 14 - Contacts!

A contacts training sort of day today! I haven't got many jobs done but it has been nice doing a bit of training with the dogs and catching up with people. Going to be speaking to my Mum soon which is nice 😊 Early blog update today as I have just edited all the videos from this morning!

So my goals were to practice some straight on running dog walk planks to a toy for Bru and introduce some turns with the manners minder as he hasn't done many on a plank. To do a couple of harder exits for Brooke and to reward her stop and for Spark to mix it up a bit so remind her about turns and also chuck in a stop to test her! They did really well! Bru definitely finds left turns easier as does Spark (maybe its me!) but it is good lockdown homework for them.

Here are a few pics of our morning - the shelties all wanted a go!

Brodie is retired from agility but did a mini workout instead 💙

Can anyone guess what tomorrows activity is going to be?! 

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