Friday, 10 April 2020

Lockdown Day 18 - Scrubbing!

We got our official letter from the Prime Minister today about staying at home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The death toll in hospitals in the UK today is 980, its a hard thing to imagine that even two months ago we had no cases here in Britain and were carrying on life as normal.

As its Good Friday Matt wasn't working today so we tackled more scrubbing of our patio table ready for painting it. We had all of our helpers with us but Brodie was obsessed with helping the most...he loves any water and tries to grab it!

Three of the doglets watching Bru rolling around in the grass!

A quick break for a cuppa...even Bean is panting as it is so hot!! 

We didn't do any training in the garden again today but we did do a nice long walk on a new footpath. Hardly saw anyone and the doglets could have a good stretch of legs...and a good sniff!!

The oil seed rape is coming out already!

As I've done no training the last couple of days, here is a one jump video that me and Spark did for my agility group...two weeks ago I was in a bobble hat!! 😂 Its a bit long but it has some small space ideas to practice including some sequences at the end.

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