Friday, 17 April 2020

Lockdown Day 25 - Shopping again

For the second time in the lockdown Matt is going to brave the shops this evening to get some bits for us and his Mum, only one person is allowed to go shopping but it will be nice to take them over and have a chat over the weekend. My Mum rang me this morning and it was so great to have a proper catch up 😁

Everyone round us clapped to show support for the NHS last night. The man diagonally across was playing his harmonica and the lady two doors down was holding a teeny little terrier puppy (about 9 weeks at a guess?) I took Brodie out with me and he was very confused a to why everyone was cheering him!

I was in the garden this morning sandpapering the second patio table in preparation for painting it. I then got carried away and ended up weeding the patio again! I am loving watching more of my tulips coming up, these are quite dinky and very pretty.

Spark and Bru did some mat work for their running contacts today, Spark got to play with her new toy (Bru has one as well in yellow of course!) She is such an idiot!!

Brooke bean did some weave entries and seemed to have forgotten what they are entirely so out came the clicker and cheese and she got there in the end! Brodie did some hoopers practice...I keep sessions really short for him so this is the whole thing with the rewards edited out! He was struggling on right rear crosses today so I think I need to practice them more.

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