Monday, 31 January 2011

Sheltie check up

Today the shelties had a visit from Caroline who is a Galen myotherapist. She came to check them over for any tight/sore spots, then give them a massage and laser treatment. Finally she gave me some exercises to work on to improve their ability to stretch, balance and work on their spatial awareness.

Brax went first and Caroline found some tight patches on her back which were quickly worked out. The other place she was particularly tight were her hamstrings. Brax is a funny little dog as she does spend most of the winter hunched up and wishing she could hibernate!

When Caroline worked on Brodie it came as a bit of a shock when she said he was really tight through his neck, abdominals, stiff all along his back and he was tender round his hindquarters. He wasn't keen on her massaging him there but he did eventually relax. Poor boy :( It was also really apparent during the stretching exercises that he struggled to extend his neck forward. Imagine how that impacts on him when he jumps as he loses ability to balance himself. Lots of homework to do!!


  1. Lots of pampering the pooches! Who may like it or may not LOL! Not long till the season starts! Are you coming up to KOF this year?

  2. We will pop up to Scotland at some stage but not sure which show yet! Prob KOF or East Lothian. At least I can see my folks as well :)

  3. Glad you have Caroline to check over the shelties before the show season starts. Now, you have a lot of homework to do to make them feel better. Brax will be so fit for WAO! Oh, I can't wait!!!