Monday, 7 February 2011

Sheltie Working Section AGM

We went to the ESSC Working section AGM yesterday. The section exists to encourage people to work with their shelties in obedience, agility, HTM and working trials. At the AGM the annual awards are given out, based on points for placings throughout the year. We are very proud to say that for the second year running Brax has won the Tony Seys Sheltie of the Year trophy!! She also won the Night Shadow award for Agility shelties. Here is a pic of Brax with the Tony Seys Award.

I'm also very proud of Brodie who won the Rosemary Seys trophy (runner up to sheltie of the year) and he was also runner up in the Night Shadow agility award. Unfortunately there are no pics of him with either trophy as they haven't been returned yet :( Instead here is a pic of him with his new toy which he thinks is much better!!

Here is one I missed! I really need to learn to take better pics of my dogs!!

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  1. Congrats to them both and of course the handlers too :) Look forward to seeing pics of Brodie with his trophy!