Monday, 28 February 2011

Stupid weather - grrr!!!!!

I'm sure everyone is feeling the same about this awful weather :( It seems to be constantly raining at the moment and everything is knee deep in mud. I took the poor shelties out for a walk today although it was actually dry when I left home, (surprisingly!) when I'd been out for about 30 mins it started to sleet and I'd not put Brax's coat on poor girl. She was so miserable and spent ages shivering when she got home. Brodie on the other hand is a tough cookie and doesn't care what the weather is doing!

We went to Lee Windeatt's training day at the kennels yesterday and it was glorious weather for the morning session but unfortunately chucked it down all afternoon so Brax worked at half speed again. I learnt a lot by watching and it gave me some ideas that I want to try with Brodie.

I was very proud of our shelties at Letchworth competition night as Brax was awarded Small agility dog 2010 and Brodie won Medium agility dog 2010!! Heres a pic of them looking sleepy with their lovely trophies!

I was also a very proud trainer as Paul and Maria who own Chester the Beagle have qualified him for the Barking Mad Medium G1/2 final next saturday!! What a start to his competition career!! :)


  1. Congratulations to the two clever little shelties :)

  2. Congrats you must be so proud of them! They look as if their nodding off LOL! Poor Diva with no coat LOL!

  3. Congrats on all the awards! The weather has been horrible by us too. My shelties can't wait for spring to finally arrive so we can start getting out for walks again. Brodie and Brax are so beautiful!