Monday, 7 June 2010

JDA Show

We have had a very busy 3 days at our club show JDA. It went really well despite being incredibly hot and everyone involved did such a fab job. I was on ring party and it was fun helping set out the courses and getting to put some faces to names meeting people.

Brodie ran ok but wasn't on full power for the weekend probably due to the hot weather. If I hadn't had a cooler coat on him I doubt I would have run him at all as he is so bad in the heat. Having said that he won the graded 3-5 agility on friday so at least that confirms that him winning at Nottingham wasn't a fluke! He also got a couple of 2nds and a couple of 4ths which I was really pleased with considering the weather.

Bracken had some cracking runs that were just out of the placings but she did get a very well deserved 2nd on a tricky agility course. Well dones must go to Lian and Sizzle who have gone grade 7, Miranda with her amazing shelties who did a 1,2,3 in an agility class, Lisa and Tyler who had some amazing placings and Angie with young Midge who has gone Grade 5. Sorry to anyone I didn't mention but my brain was fried over the weekend!! Thanks to Lian for sending me some funny pics of my two woofs! The final pic is Brodie with two of his relations, Sizzle and Skye - aren't they similar?!

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  1. Woohoo Brodie fantastic your both doing so well! The pic of Brodie is way too cute! Yes, you can see their all similar.