Monday, 28 June 2010


The dogs did well at Axstane last weekend despite the bizarre weather which meant I ended up wearing four layers, a winter coat and gloves! Brax had a champ jumping first and did really well to only get 5 faults. She did a lovely run in the agility and ended up clear and making it through to the champ final. There were only FIVE small dogs that got through and unfortunately Brax got 5 faults in the weaves. Amy and her sheltie Fudge won it with a cracking run.

Brodie had a faulty sat nav at Axstane as I was not handling well and kept forgetting to call him off things early enough! He got two E's but I managed to navigate him round the graded agility to get 2nd which I was really pleased with. He had been upset earlier in the day by a nasty border terrier who decided to have a go at him while the owner wasn't paying attention and then he had to put up with a loose dog in the ring while he was running, so he wasn't really on form.

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  1. Aww not a great day for Broadie with all those pesky dogs! Well done on your placing! WTG Pockt Rocket!