Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brodie goes Grade 6!!

Quick update as I have got way too much housework that I should be doing after our busy weekend! Brodie had his first show for a month and it was also his first show competing at Grade 5. I was worried that he wouldn't cope but he only went and WON the graded 5-7 agility!! I'm sooooo proud of him :)
It was a great course as well, probably the most challenging I've done with him at a show. In fact he went clear in all five classes over the two days (Nottingham and Packington) and we both really was enjoying being back doing agility. He also came 2nd in the G5-7 jumping at Nottingham and got a 5th in the C4-5 despite me not having walked the course! Poor dog doesn't have a hope really!!
At Packington he did two classes, he came 6th in the C4-7 agility which I was really pleased with as there were some very fast collies in our class. He went clear in the jumping as well but it was a very fast course and his wee legs just weren't fast enough!!

Brax did really well on the saturday at Nottingham as she got through to the Champ final and came 4th, superstar pocket rocket! The rest of the weekend we don't think she was feeling great as her stomach was making some very odd noises :(
Anyway, better go do some washing...


  1. WOW! Before long he will be competing at Champ classes like Brax! Well done you two! It was a tough course!

  2. WTG Brodie and Bracken! Fantastic Shelties and handlers :)