Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny day practice!

The shelties have had a busy day so far, with long walks, Brodie being measured this morning and them having a run round this afternoon. Brodie is currently asleep next to me and Bracken is doing her cat impression and following the afternoon sun round the house!

Brodie had his second measure this morning and is now officially medium. We did hope that he would squeeze into small as he was borderline on both measures but unfortunately he wouldn't relax enough so medium it is! He looks so tiny compared to some of the collies and spaniels but he does try hard. Both of our dogs are small for their height catergory so fingers crossed the next one will be 'big' in its height catergory!! I'm still working on getting number three so watch this space...

Bracken ran really well and I managed to get some videos of her. Here are a couple showing her contacts. Sorry about the fuzzy quality, they were taken on my phone :)


  1. WOW! Beautiful contacts for Braxy!

  2. Lovely 2 on 2 off contact markers pocket rocket!