Thursday, 25 March 2010


It was Brackens 5th birthday yesterday and she had her idea of a perfect day as she got to stay at home with Matthew and be really lazy! People who have seen Brax at a show would never believe that she is such a lazy dog at home. She would sleep 24/7 given a chance! She got a smart new lead from our shop and her Auntie Eve gave her a sausage so that went down well!

We have been perfecting her new trick which is to 'pray'. Its basically a beg but her front paws have to touch. I guess she must be well balanced and coordinated to do this!


  1. Ah! Happy belated birthday!

    I know now why she goes so fast at agility because she has been lazy all week long to save all her energy to use on the weekend!

    Love the pray trick!

  2. Happy Belated BDay! Hope you had a fab day!
    That trick is way too cute!