Monday, 15 March 2010

Crufts 2010!

We are still on cloud nine!! Bracken and her handsome partner Saturn (expertly handled by Lian) managed to achieve an amazing 4th place in the Small/Mixi pairs at Crufts! They did so well as it was both dogs first time at Crufts and they were the highest placed partnership that didn't include a Grade 7 dog! Big congratulations to all the other shelties that were competing and did so well, what clever dogs they are!

It was very special for me and Matthew to have our Mums both come and support us at Crufts. My Mum had come all the way from Aberdeenshire so Brax put on a real show for her! We had a lovely few days together, including some of Mothers day. The dogs absolutely adore having her to stay as these pics show!
I took this really cute pic of the dogs out on a walk in St Albans.
The weather seems to be better today so after a nice hack on the common I decided to turn Max out with a lightweight rug on and no neck cover, his first chance to 'let his hair down!' I just hope that it doesn't rain...

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  1. Well done at Crufts! I was on the edge of my seat cheering yous on! :) It should've been 3rd! Lovely run by both handlers and dogs!