Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fun day off!

I'm having a busy but fun day off! I have just been doing lots of baking as my Mum is coming to stay and I love making cakes! I'm having a rare couple of days off at home so I thought I'd make the most of it and spend some time doing some (much needed) housework, riding and walking the dogs! I went for a lovely ride this morning and took some video of my fav hack!

If you have never ridden a horse, here is a virtual ride in the Hertfordshire countryside. Please turn the sound down if you don't want to hear Max snorting and me breathing!!

This is us cantering in the field - I love watching Max's ears twitching backwards and forwards.

This is us on the golf course having a trot - sorry about the dodgy filming!

Our ride takes us back past some very posh houses

Onto a private road with some even bigger houses! There are some lovely snowdrops out (thats for my Mum-she loves snowdrops!)

The last bit of our ride crosses the railway. Fortunately Max is a star over the bridge as there are four train lines into London and it can be noisy when a few trains come at the same time!

I can't believe that it is Crufts time already. We think Brax is as ready as she could ever be and I'm sure she'll enjoy her run round the main arena! In some ways it marks the start of the agility season for us as our first shows are in the next few weeks. Brodie will be competing saturdays and sundays this year as Matthew will run him on saturdays while I'm at work. Looking back, he did very well in 2009 considering he only competed on Sundays. This year I feel he'll be able to cope with more. I don't like overdoing it when they are young, especially as Brodie is a small medium so he didn't start properly competing until he was two. Brax didn't really compete until she was three but that was mainly because she was so full of attitude!!

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