Monday, 8 February 2010

Pretty tail!

Brax is now doing some little walks and is due to get her stitches out this week. As the area is healing so nicely however, the scab is getting very itchy so we are still watching her intently to stop her scooting on her bottom! I took her purple tail bandage off yesterday (possibly cut a bit of tail hair as well-oops!) and rather than put another bandage on it, I decided to put my plaiting skills to good use! I'm sure her tail would be ok left down but just in case her tail hair made the area dirty, I have done a horsey tail plait to keep it out of the way. She does look funny with her bucket on her head and her little stick of a tail! Brodie is very concerned about his sister and keeps sticking his head in her bucket and kissing her - awww.

Brax being out of action has meant that Brodie has been perfecting his some of his skills. This is him practising a 'hold' with cardboard tube - he does love to work! Brodies motto is work hard, play hard and then sleep lots!!

1 comment:

  1. Love Brax's new tail! That's lovely! Maybe you should keep that on!