Thursday, 4 February 2010

Brax update

Little Brax is a bit better today and doesn't seem to be quite as sore. She went back to the vet who says she is doing well but NOT to let her scoot on her bum - arrgghhh!!! Anyone who knows Bracken will know that she is very fast at scooting and will go for miles on her bum!! We will have to watch her all the time and crate her if shes unsupervised as the vet warned she'll want to scoot more as it heals and gets itchy. Oh and her buster collar has to stay on for a least another 10 days so hopefully she'll learn to negotiate the furniture by then!


  1. Hi there, I just recently found your blog :)

    I'm glad that Bracken is feeling a bit better! Poor girl. My schnauzer Mika had infected anal glands in the wasn't fun.

  2. Poor Braxy! A lot of cuddles and kisses from Saturn xxx