Monday, 22 February 2010

Busy week!

We have had a very busy week with a couple of meals out, 2 AGM's to attend and some agility training! We did managed to get to training on tuesday but unfortunately the indoor arena has been all done up with a new surface which is probably fabulous to ride on but is not great for long haired dogs. The waxy sand really got stuck in their coats and took each dog about four washes to get the worst out!
We went to the Letchworth DTC AGM on thursday and Brax won the small dog points trophy. Lisa and her gorgeous merle sheltie Tyler won the medium trophy so clever shelties all round!

We had the ESSC (English Shetland Sheepdog Soc) working section AGM yesterday and it was so exciting to see all of our sheltie friends! After the meeting we had lunch and played some fun games with our shelties. These included recall races, musical papers (like musical chairs but you have to stanf on a piece of newspaper with your dog) and one of the funniest which was getting the right number of feet on the floor out of 6 feet (you and your dog). So if it was four feet, you had to arrange your dog into only having two feet on the floor or three feet and stand on one leg yourself. It was a hilarious party game although I suspect the shelties all thought we had gone mad!!

The annual awards were announced as well and we are so proud of our two woofs. Brodie won the Foula trophy for the best agility starter which Bracken had won last year. Here is a pic of him looking very pleased with himself!
Bracken came away with three beautiful trophies! The Suky trophy for the best novice (G3-5) agility dog, the Night Shadow trophy for overall agility points and the Tony Seys trophy for overall sheltie of the year. We feel very honoured to have won them as there are some amazing dogs names on them. We can't believe that our gorgeous, fiesty little pet has won such illustrious prizes but then Brax never ceases to amaze us! It was lovely to have Brackens breeder June Warnes sitting with us when Bracken got her awards presented and we have to thank her for breeding such a super girly!
Brodie's points meant that he came 4th for the Night Shadow trophy and 5th for the Sheltie of the Year so I'm very proud of my wee man as he is young yet. After such a busy day out playing party games, the woofs just wanted to sleep!


  1. Mega Congratulations to you & Brodie and Matt & Brax!

  2. Well done, what an achievement! Plenty polishing to be done! :)