Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Agility Starters Challenge 2010!

I have just found out for definite that Brodie has qualified for this years Agility Club Starters Challenge! Yay Brods!! He did so well in it last year (coming 2nd) so to be honest, its just fun this year to be in the final and hopefully less stressful having done it once already!

We are off to training tonight and will try running Brax to see how she gets on. She doesn't seem to have lost too much fitness after having two weeks off but we have a training day with Dave Jolly in a couple of weekends time so need to get her working even if its just 20 minutes. I think the same about Max pony, its better to do 15-20mins productive work than carrying on and getting nowhere. I often only do 5 mins here and there at work between training classes, answering the phone and seeing customers! Although Brax would work all day, Brodie is very different and struggles if he works for too long but he is getting more stamina with age.

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