Thursday, 21 May 2020

Lockdown Day 59 - Normality

The one thing that so many of my clients have said is that its great to be back doing lessons as it feels really nice to be doing something normal! I'm really lucky that I only teach 1-1 lessons anyway so its not that different for me apart from I can't do workshops at other venues like I usually do. The difference in the dogs post lockdown is really interesting as well! I thought they would be all over me having not seen their 'Auntie' for a couple of months but they have all been really good at not jumping up! I think they have got used to social distancing as well!

It was very hot again today and after working for a few hours this morning I headed into town to pick up at coffee and visit my Mum in Law to have a chat and pick up a parcel. It was nice to sit in the shade and have a chat! I managed to go back and work this afternoon despite no chance to go to the loo (we can't go into other peoples houses and public toilets are closed) so I must have sweated out everything I drank haha!! Looking forward to doing Jays Virtual Pub quiz tonight with my Mum and Amy after we clap for carers. We have a nice chat with the neighbours each week and the lady from next door has been managing to come out (she is in her late 80's) so its great to see how she is doing.

Brodies new harness arrived, we thought we'd follow the rainbow NHS theme 🌈

Spark got a rainbow collar as well!

A selection of todays flowers, I never realised before how our garden changes so much in 24 hours!

Daft boys in the sun!

The yellow Iris in our pond has come out. 'The Yellow Iris' is also one of my favourite episodes of Poirot so I'm pleased we have one!

The rose have come out overnight!

And a very cool Petunia!

I dug out the cool mat for the dogs yesterday and Bru is the one using it the most! 

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