Saturday, 9 May 2020

Lockdown Day 47 - Coffee!!!

We went to drop shopping off with Matts Mum and manged to get some photos of the queuing at the supermarkets in town, its so strange to see people waiting around for so long. The Sainsburys queue went right up the street again for about 70m!

And this was the queue for the Co-op!

After we dropped shopping off we went for a socially distanced walk with Wendy and picked up a coffee on the way round. It was very exciting as it was the first outing we have had for a coffee in over six weeks!! Matt went into the shop and we kept the dogs in the shade as it was about 23 degrees today. It was lovely to catch up and the dogs enjoyed it too! 

Spark enjoyed the dregs of the coffee!!

 It was so hot when we got home that we had a BBQ! During the day one of my Petunias has come out and its so pretty. We have been out watching the satellites go over late evening so the night sky themed petals seem very appropriate!

Our yellow courgettes are appearing now!

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