Friday, 15 May 2020

Lockdown Day 53 - Town

Although we have eased the lockdown in England slightly there is still a scary number of people dying from Covid-19 every day. The current death toll for the UK stands at 33,614 but many think that in reality the figures are much much higher. Sorry to be doom and gloom but I feel it is important that it is recorded on here as everything feels pretty normal and nice now I'm back at work again and its important to remember that there is still a scary and strange crisis happening round the world. 

It has been fantastic seeing clients again and having a good catch up! Many of the dogs haven't done any agility for weeks so we are taking it easy and doing short sequences with lower jumps. The one thing that many people have said and I totally agree with is that so many people have discovered or rediscovered the ability to take pleasure and be grateful for the small things in life, whether its colouring, baking, sitting in the garden with a cuppa, reading a book, watching wildlife or exploring new walks. Looking on the positive side we have been able to slow down and be in the present rather than racing around feeling stressed constantly.

This is specially for my Mum and sister (as Doric is the dialect in Aberdeenshire) it made me giggle!

So today I managed to teach and then get to Kwik Fit to get my tyre sorted. In the end I had to fork out £93 for a new one as the blade I'd driven over had caused too much damage sadly. I went and got a coffee from a takeaway place and found a patch of grass to sit and read my book on while I waited.

Socially distanced queuing...thank goodness us Brits are good at queues!

Proper coffee is a real treat!!

And a couple of dog pics...Spark after I interrupted her ear scratching...what a grumpy face! 

And the shelties looking cute in their perfect fit harnesses! They all have their own colour scheme 😁

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